Research Projects


Amount Raised
$ 156,150
Donation Goal
$ 1,000,000

Brain Cancer project image

Brain Cancer

Seeking $400,000
Raised $46,040

Paediatric high-grade glioma (HGG)
This project focuses on improving treatment and survival for children with some of the most high-risk brain cancers

Survive Blood Cancer project image

Survive Blood Cancer

Seeking $50,000
Raised $3,000

Survive Blood Cancer

Utilising cord blood-derived Natural Killer cells to prevent post-transplant relapse in Childhood Leukaemia.

Translate Research project image

Translate Research

Seeking $186,000
Raised $108,089

Bone & Soft Tissue Cancer | Sarcoma

Clinical translation of laboratory tested CAR T cell therapy into Phase 1 trials for paediatric treatment of sarcoma.

Tackle the Effects project image

Tackle the Effects

Seeking $305,000
Raised $0

Treatment toxicity can cause infertility

Developing genetic risk prediction of long term infertility from childhood cancer therapies leading to informed decisions and application of preventive measures.

Recover from Treatment project image

Recover from Treatment

Seeking $300,000
Raised $0

RECOVER – Responding to late effects in survivors of childhood cancer

Empowering young survivors of childhood cancer to transition to adulthood with the knowledge, skills and resources required to manage their ongoing health needs.

Clinical Trials Support project image

Clinical Trials Support

Seeking $750,000
Raised $996

Providing access to international clinical trials and additional clinical trial expertise.
ANZCHOG international trials set up initiation and national trial management.

What We Do

At The Kids’ Cancer Project we fund RESEARCH. We fund SCIENCE. We fund bold and innovative ideas, upon recommendation from our Research Advisory Committee in our endeavour to see one hundred percent survival rate for children with cancer, while eradicating the harmful effects treatment can bring.

More About Us

Independent Funding Allocation

Our expert Research Advisory Committee (RAC) independently review and rate all grant submissions. Their recommendations are handed to The Kids’ Cancer Project Board who ultimately determine the studies funded. The rules of the peer review process prohibit RAC members endorsing their own projects.

Meet the RAC