Community Fundraising

We are so grateful when ordinary people in the community hear our urgent plea and act by stepping up to help raise money for childhood cancer research.

Thank you for becoming a community champion

The stats around kids' cancer are devastating. You can make a difference by fundraising, and once you get started you'll be surprised at how easy it can be. We know it can be a daunting task the first time, so here you'll find thought starters to help you make the most of your fundraiser.

Need help getting started? Get in touch with the team at for more information.


Helpful documents to get you started

Everything you need to get your fundraiser started, achieve your target, and access support from The Kids' Cancer Project team along the way.

Create Your Own

Free your imagination

Whether it's a trivia night or a sausage sizzle, a golf day or a personal challenge, sometimes the simplest idea is the most fun. Sign up to create your very own fundraiser! 

Larapinta Trek

Challenge yourself in 2021

In August 2021, we are taking on the iconic Larapinta trail in the Northern Territory! This is an adventure not to be missed, as you’ll get to explore one of the most iconic bushwalking tracks in the world alongside expert hikers and likeminded charity supporters.

Celebration Donation

Giving back never felt so good

Celebrate your next birthday or anniversary by asking friends, family and colleagues to give a life-saving donation. Follow the easy steps to start fundraising here

Lose Your Locks

Colour or cut for the cause

Shaving your head or getting a short crop is a great way to show solidarity for kids affected by cancer and to fundraise for childhood cancer research. Grab your mates and make this a team challenge! 

Reps for Research

Crunch or curl for a cure

Your challenge is to do 950 repetitions over the course of one week. That's one rep for each Australian child diagnosed with cancer in a year. Ask family and friends to sponsor you so your reps count for kids with cancer!

Community Calendar

Whether you want to dress up, bake a difference, or just go crazy you can be a community champion by fundraising with The Kids’ Cancer Project. We’ll support you every step of the way in whatever you choose to do.

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Upcoming Events
  • Oct17
    The Sun-Herald City2Surf
  • Oct27
    Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Marathon
  • Oct31
    Cupcakes 4 a Cure
  • Oct31
    Lose Your Locks
  • Dec03
    Summer Corporate Golf Day

The Sun-Herald City2Surf

  October 17, 2021
  Sydney, NSW

The World's Largest Fun Run, The Sun-Herald City2Surf, will be back virtually between 17 - 24 October. Register to be a part of this iconic run and fundraise for kids cancer research!

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Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Marathon

  October 27, 2021
  Noosa, QLD

A pinnacle event on the Australian sporting calendar the Noosa Tri is ranked one of the world’s top 10 triathlons for good reason. Don't miss your chance to fundraise for The Kids' Cancer Projectin this spectacular beachside event.

Cupcakes 4 a Cure

  October 31, 2021
  Australia wide

Bake a difference for childhood cancer research all year long! Sell your fresh baked cupcakes at a morning or afternoon tea at your school, workplace or just between friends to raise funds for the bold research needed to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer. 

Learn more

Lose Your Locks

  October 31, 2021
  Australia wide

Clip, cut or chop your hair! Shaving your head or getting a short crop is a great way to show solidarity for kids affected by cancer and to fundraise for childhood cancer research. You can Lose Your Locks as an individual or grab your mates and make this a team challenge!

Learn more

Summer Corporate Golf Day

  December 03, 2021
  St Michael’s Golf Club, Little Bay, NSW

Get ready to par-tee and raise funds for kids’ cancer research this December. Join us at the prestigious St Michael’s Golf Club, located on Sydney’s coastline for a round of golf, followed by a sit down meal hosted by The Kids’ Cancer Project CEO, Owen Finegan. Sponsorship opportunities available. Email


  • Can I collect cash donations?

  • Can I start a team?

    Yes, you can! A team is the perfect way to fundraise with your friends or family. If you have set up a Raisely fundraising page, you can create a team when you sign up, or afterwards from your fundraising dashboard.

  • Will my supporters receive tax-deductible receipts if they donate to my fundraiser?

    Supporters donating through a Raisely fundraising page, will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt to their nominated email address.
    If you’re collecting cash or funds another way, we’ve created a handy form for you to keep a detailed account including the date, donor’s full name, email address, phone number and the amount donated.
    When the sheet or your fundraiser is complete, email it to and The Kids’ Cancer Project will send tax-deductible receipts directly to each supporter.


  • Do I need documentation to start fundraising?

    To ensure your fundraiser stands within legal guidelines, The Kids’ Cancer Project will need to verify your fundraiser before you can get started. By setting up a Raisely fundraising page, you are automatically verified. But if you are fundraising using a different mechanism, please email and we will provide you with your Authority to Fundraise to make it official.

  • Can I support a specific type of cancer (i.e. brain cancer, leukaemia etc)

    Money raised through your fundraiser goes toward funding bold research for all children diagnosed with cancer. It’s highly likely we’re either funding studies right now or are reviewing grants to discover kinder, more effective treatments for the type of cancer you’re particularly interested in. Discover all the projects The Kids’ Cancer Project is supporting here.

  • How can I track how much I have raised?

    The easiest way is to set up a Raisley fundraising page that lets you manage all donations made to your fundraiser. You can add as much or as little information as you’d like and then send the link directly to your supporters. 

  • Will you help me promote my fundraiser?

    We want your fundraiser to be all about you. We will support you by providing you with tips, ideas, information about us along with logos, social tiles and whatever else necessary you can use. The promotion is up to you - afterall, you’re the best advocate for your fundraiser!

  • What can I do?

    Almost anything you like! Whether you want to dress up, bake a difference, or just go crazy, you can be a community champion by fundraising with us. We’ve put together some more ideas in our resources section - there is a fundraiser to suit everyone! 

  • Is there a time limit on my fundraising?

    The short answer is, ‘no there is not’! But if you create a Raisely fundraising page, it will expire after 6 months, so to keep fundraising for longer, get in touch and we’ll extend the time limit.

  • Where does the money go?

    The money you raise for The Kids’ Cancer Project will be distributed to critically appraised scientific research projects that will lead to cures of many different types of children’s cancer with a focus on survival and ongoing quality of life. Discover all the projects The Kids’ Cancer Project is supporting here

  • Can I cancel my fundraiser?

    While it is always a shame to cancel a fundraiser, we understand things come up! Just get in touch with us at and we can remove your fundraiser or postpone it for another time.

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