Play for Purpose Raffle

Every ticket gives you the chance to win hundreds of amazing prizes. Proceeds go towards funding childhood cancer research in Australia.

Play for Purpose and you could WIN!

The Kids’ Cancer Project has been exploring new ways to fund childhood cancer research. Play For Purpose is Australia's 100% not-for-profit community raffle that gives you the chance to win incredible prizes, all while helping The Kids’ Cancer Project fund vital research to find cures for kids’ cancer.

Buy a ticket today for your chance to win a $250,000 raffle first prize pack including: 

1.    A fully decked-out Volkswagen California Beach camper van valued at $115,824

2.    $120,000 in cashable gold bullion

3.    And a shopping spree worth $14,176!

Plus, there are also hundreds of other prizes up for grabs!

Grab tickets before Wednesday 1 May 2024 11.59pm AEST and you will be entered into the BONUS Early Bird Draw to win a $10,000 Woolworths Wish gift voucher.

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Major Draw Friday 14 June

Play For Purpose Raffle 23 closes at 8pm AEST on 13 June 2024, and will be drawn at 9am AEST on 14 June 2024. 395 winners are selected at random in order of prize level.

Top prize winners will be contacted by phone shortly after the draw with the exciting news. All other prize winners will receive an email with details of their win and how to claim their prize.

Play for Purpose Raffle FAQs

How do I receive my Play For Purpose raffle ticket(s)?

Once payment has been processed a ticket will be emailed. On some occasions, tickets may take up to 24 hours to be received. Customers are encouraged to check their Junk or Spam folder if they do not receive tickets and add our ticketing email to their safe email list.

What do I do if I am not able to view my purchased Play For Purpose raffle ticket(s)?

Some email providers like Yahoo and Gmail automatically block some images and emails. If this is happening to you, click the prompt at or near the top of the opened email which reads similar to "Images are not displayed."

You will be given two options; "Display images below" or "Always display images from Play for Purpose."

Select either of these options to view the ticket image in the email.

Alternatively, click "view this email in your browser" at the top of the email to open the email in your browser.

What do I do if I did not receive my Play For Purpose raffle ticket(s) via email?

First check your Junk or Spam folder, if your tickets aren’t there email and specify details of your purchase such as time, amount and payment method (do not send credit card information).

Where will the winning Play For Purpose raffle results be published?

Results of the Play For Purpose raffle are published on the Play For Purpose website. Major prize winners will also be published in The Australian Newspaper as per the terms and conditions printed on tickets.

Where and how are the Play For Purpose raffle draws conducted?

All draws conducted will be by certified electronic draw and audited by an independent auditor from Ernst & Young.

Play For Purpose the Sports & Charity Raffle is conducted by the 50-50 Foundation Limited as trustee for the 50-50 Foundation (ABN 92 944 713 763). The draw will be conducted at Level 4, 190 Edward St, Brisbane QLD 4000.

Can I win multiple Play For Purpose raffle prizes?

Yes! If you have bought multiple Play For Purpose tickets, you are eligible to win multiple prizes. Each ticket you purchase equals once chance to win a prize in the game. You cannot win multiple prizes with the same ticket in the same game.

How long do Play For Purpose raffle winners have to claim prizes?

Each Australian state and territory has different timeframes for claiming prizes with some as little as three months. For fairness and consistency, the 50-50 Foundation Limited as trustee for the 50-50 Foundation (ABN 92 944 713 763) gives customers 12 months to claim their prize.

Any unclaimed prizes will be applied in accordance with the applicable legislation in each jurisdiction. If the prize is not claimed within one year depending on the jurisdiction it will either be paid to State Government consolidated / community benefit funds or to the extent that unclaimed prizes are permitted under the applicable legislation to be applied for charitable purposes, the 50-50 Foundation Limited as trustee for the 50-50 Foundation (ABN 92 944 713 763) will retain the unclaimed prizes, to be used in accordance with law.

What can a Play For Purpose raffle winner do with gold bullion?

Winners of gold bullion though Play For Purpose will be issued with a certificate from a gold bullion company for the advertised total value of the prize.

The winner can either choose to keep the certificate and have the gold stored with the gold bullion company, take possession of the physical gold bullion, or for the sale of the gold bullion to redeem its sale value in cash.

Gold prizes will be valued at purchase price on the day – selling costs and market variations apply once possession has been taken by the winner. All prize values refer to Australian currency.

Can directors, staff and volunteers from the benefiting charity purchase Play For Purpose tickets?


Play for Purpose Terms and Conditions can be found here.