Case studies

Case study | Attcall Civil Contractors

Driving a brighter future for kids with cancer.

This small family-owned business has been touched by cancer in its many forms and have now chosen to support kids' cancer research using all their resources. 

Case study | Paradise Outdoor Advertising

Doing Good Charity Program.

POA used their expertise in out-of-home advertising to improve the lives of kids diagnosed with cancer and engage their staff.

Case study | Colin Biggers & Paisley

Focused on the future.

A legal firm with a long history of helping communities turns its attention to supporting innovative science to improve the treatment of cancer in children.

Case study | QBE Foundation

Skilled volunteers making a difference.

Discover how QBE supported children's cancer research while reinforcing organisational values and enhancing employee engagement.

Case study | SAS Data for Good

A fully immersive partnership.

Learn how SAS, the leader in analytics, unlocked significant enhancements to fund scientific research projects to help more children with cancer. 

Case study | Lorraine Lea - a personal connection

Family and community at the core.

The challenge for Lorraine Lea was to find a charity that supported research to find cures to achieve zero deaths of kids from childhood cancer.

Case study | Multiply impact

Matching appeal with a twist.

Discover the who, what, where an how of The Kids' Cancer Project first matching appeal that raised close to $2 million in just 61 days. 

Case study | Bromic Go Kart Derby

Team building for good.

Covid didn’t curb Bromic’s desire to give back. A key objective for their fundraising activity was to maintain community spirit among employees, suppliers and customer partners.

CSR | The key to success

Once considered as a ‘feel-good’ aspect of doing business, there has been a major shift in the role corporate social responsibility now plays in the marketplace. Many now claim CSR has become important in such areas as image, cost savings and customer engagement, it’s become vital to success.

Corporate social responsibility Image