Case studies

Case study | Colin Biggers & Paisley

Focused on the future.

A legal firm with a long history of helping communities turns its attention to supporting innovative science to improve the treatment of cancer in children.

Case study | QBE Foundation

Skilled volunteers making a difference.

Discover how QBE supported children's cancer research while reinforcing organisational values and enhancing employee engagement.

Case study | SAS Data for Good

A fully immersive partnership.

Learn how SAS, the leader in analytics, unlocked significant enhancements to fund scientific research projects to help more children with cancer. 

Case study | Lorraine Lea - a personal connection

Family and community at the core.

The challenge for Lorraine Lea was to find a charity that supported research to find cures to achieve zero deaths of kids from childhood cancer.

Case study | Multiply impact

Matching appeal with a twist.

Discover the who, what, where an how of The Kids' Cancer Project first matching appeal that raised close to $2 million in just 61 days. 

Case study | Bromic Go Kart Derby

Team building for good.

Covid didn’t curb Bromic’s desire to give back. A key objective for their fundraising activity was to maintain community spirit among employees, suppliers and customer partners.