Sponsorship opportunities


Amount Raised
$ 391,713
Donation Goal
$ 1,000,000

Your avenue to joining the Kids' Cancer Project family.

With options to suit all interested partners from donations, event attendance and sponsorship, to naming rights agreements, workplace and regular giving, Future Cure offers you the option to direct your donation to specific research projects and follow the impact your donation is having in the childhood cancer research space.

Buy a Hexagon

Sponsor a particular project or donate to Future Cure to cliam your hexagon.

Donate Research Projects

Be a Matcher

Match the donations of your customers or community. Run your own fundraising campaign in support of The Kids' Cancer Project.

Example Case Studies

Event Naming Rights

Your company can obtain valuable exposure and give back at the same time by sponsoring one of our events.

Calendar of Events

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy and tax effective way you can change the lives of kids’ with cancer. Workplace giving allows you to make small, regular donations to The Kids’ Cancer Project directly from your pre-tax pay. It is a simple yet very effective way to join us in helping to find kinder, more effective treatments.

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