Lose Your Locks


Clip, cut or chop your hair for a good cause!

Shaving your head (or getting a really short hair cut) is a great way to show solidarity for kids affected by cancer and to fundraise for childhood cancer research. Grab your mates and make this a team challenge!

Shave your head to raise money for solutions to cancer in children

How to get involved

  1. Choose a date, set a time and decide where you will Lose Your Locks.
  2. Register your event or create your own fundraising page here.
  3. Select your style and get ready to show off your personality! Are you bold, sassy, cute as pie or super chic?
  4. Share your event by telling your family, friends and everyone what you’re doing via email and social media. Encourage them to sponsor you and be there to watch your transformation.

To start fundraising, visit our Raisley page.

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