Family testimonials

Seeing the bears on social media has prompted many families to comment and share their own stories – every single one of them has touched our hearts.

The Kids' Cancer Project bears are a furry friend for kids in hospital. Hear from grateful children and their families who received bears as a cuddly companion during their treatment.

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Tommy loves his new bears! Thank you very much! 💕

- Emily

Tommy at hospital with donated bears

Chemotherapy is a very daunting experience and a source of comfort is always welcome.
Our daughter was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour and the road ahead was a very uncertain one. “Dino” was such a huge gift as he became her go-to companion for each chemo session. He serves as a friend to which she can talk and a “cuddle buddy” when everything seems so scary.
Thank you for “Dino”
- Mariette

Baby T was diagnosed at three weeks old with an extremely rare form of childhood cancer called Infantile Fibrosarcoma. By the time he was just five weeks old he’d had surgery to insert a central line and had already commenced his first round of chemotherapy. On our first night at the childrens hospital in our home state, Baby T received this stuffed dinosaur from The Kids' Cancer Project to help support and comfort him during his stay and beyond.

- Jenaya

Baby T with hospital bear from charity
Super hero bear friend in hospital

My son got a bear recently. We're very grateful 💕
- Bec Kerwin

Our little lady was lucky enough to receive one of these bears. She absolutely loves it and it's now her go-to teddy when she has floor time. She loves to chew on the silicone chew toys and shake the flower rattle.
We've named our bear Belinda after the lovely nurse who gave it to her.
- Amanda Corley

Belinda bear with baby in hospital
Parker and Easter bear with bunny ears

My son Parker has received a couple of teddies from The Kids' Cancer Project while receiving his chemotherapy or after waking up from procedures. These treatments are not easy but these special bears give him comfort and gives our family hope as every time we see one we know that we are one step closer to curing cancer.
- Krystal Williams

My daughter was given one of these bears as a baby in hospital ❤ She's now a happy, healthy five-year-old!
- Jess

Young girl in hospital with cancer charity bear
Child with pirate bear that lifts spirits and raises money to assist children survive cancer

My son had to stay in hospital for a few nights when he was about 11 months old and was given this teddy bear by one of the nurses and he hasn’t slept without it since - it's been eight years now! Our family will be forever grateful for our teddy and how he has helped our little man throughout the years.
- Shannen

Our daughter was given one from the nurses during her stay and the joy, courage and strength it gave her was priceless. They were inseparable. We donated two a few months ago and feel so blessed that it brings a smile through their journey. Please buy a teddy.
- Carolyn Di-Mieri

Young girl in hospital holding a princess bear
Girl undergoing hospital treatment hugging santa bear and fairy bear

This is my granddaughter Ciara with the two teddies she received during her many stays in hospital receiving treatments. She is at home now and thankfully on the mend. It was a tough time seeing her go through this but the whole team have just been amazing. She still loves her bears and will always remember the joy and comfort they brought to her throughout her treatments. Thank you seems so inadequate for the love and care shown to her and our family but thank you. I hope these bears continue to help comfort and bring a smile to kids in hospital.
- Pauline Rogers

Thankyou!! Kayse Loved his bear! 

- Sharlet Gill

Child with bear provided by cancer research charity
Girl with a big red bow in her hair hugging Santa bear

Hello, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our beautiful teddy (aka Ted). He has been everywhere with us over the last year and it was only fitting he was in this year’s Christmas photos 😂. My littlest love received him from Northam Regional Hospital here in WA. I hope these photos bring a smile to your face the way Ted brings a smile to Emmy's. Thank you 🙏
- Amanda Wilson

My husband and I have donated a different bear to a different hospital every month since I was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2020. It breaks my heart what kids have to go through with cancer 😔. I have now asked my five grandchildren to choose a bear to donate so we’re ready to donate for the next five months 👏🏼.
- Chris

Child in hospital hugging charity super bear improving outcomes
Teddy bear bringing comfort to a child in hospital

4 ways a teddy bear brings comfort

Paediatric experts explain why a cuddly toy is a great donation for a child in hospital. 

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