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Bring your Corporate Social Responsibility program to life with ours to make a difference.

Bring your corporate social responsibility program to life

Align your brand with a cause that your staff feel deeply connected with to inspire and motivate. Build closer ties with local communities, increase your customer loyalty, drive productivity and sales and generate greater media exposure all while making a difference for children with cancer.

For those unfamiliar with the term, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is when an organisation operates in an ethical and sustainable way, with clear goals regarding philanthropy, charitable causes, human rights, community issues and the environment.

Many now claim CSR has become important in such areas as image, cost savings and customer engagement, it’s become vital to success.

“It’s about an organisation operating with a clear approach to being socially accountable and having a positive impact on society,” Patrick Phibbs, The Kids’ Cancer Project Head of Partnerships, explains.

“When an organisation adopts a CSR strategy, there’s usually three parties it is accountable to – itself, its stakeholders and the public. Through this, we are now seeing businesses emerging as influential leaders for change.”

CSR | The key to success

Once considered as a ‘feel-good’ aspect of doing business, there has been a major shift in the role corporate social responsibility now plays in the marketplace. Many now claim CSR has become important in such areas as image, cost savings and customer engagement, it’s become vital to success.

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With thanks to the support of our partners we can continue to fund vital childhood cancer research. Contact our team today to see how we can work together.

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The QBE Foundation
BROMIC group
Lorraine Lea Case Study Image

Case Study | Lorraine Lea

"With 950 children diagnosed each year and three passing away each week, we are proud to be partnering with The Kids' Cancer Project. It makes us proud to see our philanthropic efforts making a real impact on finding a cure." - Anne Petracca, CEO, Lorraine Lea

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