Funding secured for Interfant-21 clinical trial

Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) has had a very poor prognosis and survival has not improved significantly over the last two decades, with an event-free survival rate of less than 40%. The intensive chemotherapy treatment currently available necessitates high toxicity often leading to treatment related mortality.

Eliminating the serious side effects of chemotherapy

For many children, the very same cancer drugs used to save their lives can all too often leave them with very serious and lifelong health problems. Professor Irina Vetter is finding ways to maintain the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs whilst eliminating their incredibly harmful side effects.

Up to $20m in funding has been announced by the federal government for vital brain cancer research

On 6 February 2024, The Australian Government announced a huge funding boost for research into some of the deadliest forms of childhood cancer.

Why Prof. Dun's research into the deadliest form of childhood cancer is more than just professional

For Professor Matt Dun, his research into DIPG is more than just professional. In 2019, his daughter, Josie, sadly passed away from the aggressive form of childhood brain cancer, leading him to dedicate his career solely to developing treatments for the currently incurable disease. Today, with the help of your generous gifts, Prof. Dun and his team are making promising strides towards the first effective treatments for this devastating disease.

2023 Fellowship successful applicants

With an investment of over $7.9 million, The Kids’ Cancer Project is ensuring that some of the best and brightest young researchers in Australia can further their careers and most importantly, their impact on childhood cancer research. Read more about the recipients here.

Thank you for helping Dr Wylie fight sarcoma relapse

Tragically, sarcoma will return for one in three children even after surgery to remove the cancer - this high rate of relapse after treatment is a major cause of fatality. But with your kind support, Dr Ben Wylie and his team in Western Australia are developing a ground-breaking new treatment aiming to change that.

New funding from Perpetual Trustees helping researchers predict childhood cancer

A generous grant of $91,000 made by Perpetual Trustees to The Kids' Cancer Project will help to fund a pioneering research project aiming to identify the 'culprit' genes behind childhood cancer.

30 Years of The Kids' Cancer Project

30 Years of The Kids' Cancer Project

The Kids’ Cancer Project ramps up collaboration and funding in vital sarcoma research

July marks Sarcoma Awareness Month, a time when we shine a light on a cancer responsible for about 20% of childhood cancer diagnoses. Thanks to the ongoing commitment of our wonderful community, The Kids' Cancer Project is actively funding nine projects across Australia in order to develop better treatment options for those kids.

Super-powered immune cells – using CAR-T cells to target brain tumours

With a background in immunology, Dr Tessa Gargett is utilising her knowledge of the human immune system to tackle children’s cancer. Here, she explains how she’s maximising the potential of CAR-T cells to provide a treatment option specifically tailored to brain tumours.

Combo Drug delivering a knockout blow to resistant glioma cancer cells

Diffuse midline gliomas (DMG), including diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG), are the most lethal of childhood cancers primarily occurring in young children.

Diamond netballer and osteosarcoma survivor socking it to sarcoma

Two driven young women have raised over $200,000 to support pioneering Australian research into childhood cancer.

Moving one step closer to all children surviving cancer

The Zero Childhood Cancer Program (ZERO), which has been supported by The Kids’ Cancer Project since 2015, is being expanded to all Australian's aged 0 to 18 years with any type of cancer.

World first guidelines created

The study which developed the revolutionary clinical guidelines was co-funded by The Kids' Cancer Project, led by researchers from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, and endorsed by the Australian and New Zealand Children's Oncology Group.

Australia Has Voted. What’s next for Brain Cancer?

The Kids’ Cancer Project is looking forward to collaborating with the new Minister for Health, the Hon. Mark Butler MP.
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