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Our little lady was lucky enough to receive one of these bears. She absolutely loves it and it's now her go to teddy when she has floor time. She loves to chew on the silicone chew toys and shake the flower rattle.
We've named our bear Belinda after the lovely nurse who gave it to her.
- Amanda Corley

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My son Parker has received a couple of teddies from the Kids Cancer Project while receiving his chemotherapy or after waking up from procedures. These treatments are not easy but these special bears give him comfort and gives our family hope as every time we see one we know that we are one step closer to curing cancer.
- Krystal Williams

Thank you for all that you do! Our sweet Ollie had his last chemo for his intense treatment block last week and ‘Chef Bear’ as he’s now been named was waiting for him when we got there. With nearly three years of treatment to go, this was a mini milestone but one made very special by your beautiful bear who has been given so much love since he came home with us.
- Rachel Slinger

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Hello, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our beautiful teddy (aka Ted). He has been everywhere with us over the last year and it was only fitting he was in this year’s Christmas photos 😂. My littlest love received him from Northam Regional hospital here in WA. I hope these photos bring a smile to your face the way Ted brings a smile to Emmy's. Thank you 🙏
- Amanda Wilson

Our daughter was given one from the nurses during her stay and the joy and courage /strength it gave her was priceless. They were inseparable. We donated 2 a few months ago and feel so blessed that it brings a smile through their journey. Please buy a teddy.
- Carolyn Di-Mieri

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My husband and I have donated a different bear to a different hospital every month since I was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2020. It breaks my heart what kids have to go through with cancer 😔. I have now asked my five grandchildren to choose a bear to donate so we’re ready to donate for the next five months 👏🏼.
- Chris

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4 ways a teddy bear brings comfort

Paediatric experts explain why a cuddly toy is a great donation for a child in hospital. 

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