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Inspiring stories about the scientists, supporters and families united against childhood cancer.

7 fundraising ideas for pre-schoolers

Whether you’re after an easy or ambitious fundraiser for your little ones, we’ve got ideas and expert tips. 
  • Future Cure Case Study

Case study | QBE Foundation

Supporting people before, during and after tough times. 

Hobart Clinical Trial Unit a life-changer

More support has been pledged to help kids with cancer in Tasmania.

KBC360 | Care coordinator Suzanne Momber

The Kids’ Cancer Project takes a deep dive into the issues faced by kids diagnosed with this deadly disease.

This crazy team is helping kids with cancer

Players, umpires, coaches, support crews and fans will unite throughout the 2021 netball season as “Team Crazy”.

Hope for deadly DIPG diagnosis

Your donations are making a difference - Australian researchers find new way to target deadly childhood brain cancer.  

Marathon effort to raise funds for cancer research

Anastassia's childhood cancer diagnosis inspired her to join the Gold Coast marathon this July. 

Cancer funding boost and development of Australian Cancer Plan

The Australian Government is investing an additional $6.7 million to support and improve outcomes for all Australians affected by cancer.

KBC360 | Paediatric oncologist Professor Nick Gottardo

The Kids’ Cancer Project takes a deep dive into the issues faced by kids diagnosed with this deadly disease.

Corporate social responsibility | The key to success

Philanthropic corporate social responsibility has taken centre stage in the business landscape – and for very good reasons.

KBC360 | Primary caregiver Suzannah Taylor

The Kids’ Cancer Project takes a deep dive into the issues faced by kids diagnosed with this deadly disease.

Ava's Pirate Day

After Ava's tragic passing from DIPG, Mum Vanessa reveals what Pirate Day means to her.

Thousands of authors fund vital kids’ cancer research

Learn where the money goes from the annual Write a Book in a Day competition.

CONNECT-1903: New trial for kids' brain cancer

Aussie kids first in the world to access new international clinical trial for deadly brain tumours.

Cancer fight goes by the book

School students are making preparations for their favourite fiction frenzy.
  • Future Cure Case Study

Case study | SAS Data for Good

Unlocking significant enhancements to fund scientific research projects.

World-first clinical trial for sarcoma

Sydney researchers are testing whether an existing medication could be repurposed to treat sarcoma.

Donating in memory of your loved one

Making an ‘in memoriam’ donation is a powerful way to remember someone special.
  • Beary Happy Stories

Home or hospital – the choice is yours

The Kids' Cancer Project Bear Program delivers teddy bears and other soft toys all around Australia. 
  • Future Cure Case Study

Case study | Lorraine Lea - a personal connection

Family and community at the core. The challenge for Lorraine Lea was to find a charity that supported research to find cures to achieve zero deaths of kids from childhood cancer.

Chemo with fewer side effects may be on the way

A discovery by scientists at IMB's Centre for Pain Research may give some future cancer patients relief. 
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Case Study | The Bromic Better Challenge

The Kids’ Cancer Project is proud to partner with Bromic for another exciting year of innovative fundraising.

CJ's story

CJ’s treatment journey was brightened by The Kids’ Cancer Project bears.

Kids’ cancer research cleans up

Sirron Holdings Group and Taren Cleaning Supplies announce multi-year partnerships with The Kids’ Cancer Project.

A new international trial for Ewing sarcoma patients

An exciting new international clinical trial for patients diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma.

Behind the Science: Research brings hope

Dr Dannielle Upton hopes to change survival outcomes for one of the deadliest childhood cancers.

Exciting new cancer research grants announced

The Kids’ Cancer Project announces successful 2021 PdCCRS grant recipients.

Behind the science: Hitting cancer where it hurts

While various forms of leukaemia have seen their survival rates blossoming thanks to powerful research, others are harder to treat.

This is how you Christmas

The Kids’ Cancer Project Christmas fundraising luncheon raised $205,000 to help children with many different types of cancer.

Summer Golf Day 2021 wrap

Making the most of easing COVID-19 restrictions, The Kids’ Cancer Project's golf day raised vital funds for childhood cancer research.

Research update | Reboot Kids

Developing positive food habits after cancer treatment can be the difference between a fit future and illness issues.

Changing of the guard

The Kids’ Cancer Project announces Doug Cunningham’s decision to step down from the charity’s Board of Directors.

Harper’s journey

In March 2021, when she learned her beloved daughter had a life-threatening brain tumour, a mum made it her mission to raise the profile of childhood cancer.

A life saved by science

Orlando beat the odds thanks to a clinical trial of a new treatment.

Behind the Science: Improving brain cancer survival outcomes

A research project targeting one of the most aggressive childhood cancers aims to give cancer cells less opportunity to hide.

Captain Australia’s Big Walk

Superhero up for science and support Captain Australia’s Big Walk as he treks the East Coast with nothing but the essentials.