Nourishing The Fighter for The Kids' Cancer Project


Leila Davies, inspiring mother and author, is taking on a huge challenge in aid of The Kids’ Cancer Project, walking from Victor Harbor to Melbourne starting June 1st 2024.

We had the honour of chatting to Leila to learn more about her story and why she has chosen to fundraise for kids’ cancer research.  

What inspired you to set out on this fundraising journey?

It all began with my son's diagnosis of stage 4 neuroblastoma. Over the years of his treatment, we encountered other families facing similar struggles. It was through these connections that my eyes were truly opened to the profound impact cancer and its treatments have on robbing children of their childhoods.

Why did you choose a walk as your fundraising challenge?

I felt compelled to undertake something truly epic, something that mirrored the endurance and resilience that children battling cancer demonstrate every day.

Can you tell me about your book, and how it ties in with your challenge?

"Nourishing the Fighter" is a book I wrote about my experience as a parent while my son was fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma. Seeing how hard it was to find helpful info about feeding kids with cancer during his treatment, I decided to create a guide to help families like ours.

The book is full of tips, recipes, and advice on what foods can help kids during cancer treatment. It's like a roadmap for parents to make sure their kids stay healthy while they're fighting.

I'm doing a fundraising walk from Victor Harbor to Melbourne to raise awareness about childhood cancer and show how important good food is during treatment.

Both the book and the walk are about helping families going through tough times because of cancer. It's all about supporting them and giving them the tools they need to stay strong.

Why did you choose to support The Kids Cancer Project?

I chose to support The Kids Cancer Project because I have witnessed firsthand the incredible work they do to support children and families affected by cancer. Their dedication and commitment, often behind the scenes, inspired me to give back and express my gratitude.

How can people support you and the cause?

People can support me and the cause by visiting my Facebook page and sharing it with their networks. A significant portion of the funds raised will be devoted to a heartfelt initiative: providing copies of 'Nourishing the Fighter’, to families in need. The goal is to print and deliver 500 books, offering practical guidance, enriching recipes, and a firsthand story based on our experience. The book aims to support and comfort these families, providing a sense of connection during an incredibly challenging time.

Once the 500 copies have been distributed, all additional funds will be donated to The Kids’ Cancer Project as a token of gratitude for their great work and the support they've provided on this adventurous journey.

We wish Leila the best of luck on her inspiring walk, and will be following along every step of the way!

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Together, we can turn every step into positive change and create a brighter future for children battling cancer.

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