Spotlight: A Shared Journey - Celebrating Our Partnership with FMA Australia

A Shared Journey - Celebrating Our Partnership with FMA Australia

The Kids' Cancer Project CEO, Owen Finegan celebrating an impactful partnership with FMA Australia

In the bustling landscape of charity partnerships, there are often hidden tales that illuminate the depth of connection between organisations. Our journey with FMA Australia is one such story.

Our partnership with FMA Australia runs deep. The Facility Management Association is the peak national industry body for facilities management, representing and supporting professionals and organisations responsible for the operational management of Australia’s built environments. 


They tirelessly host events across Australia to raise crucial funds for The Kids' Cancer Project. In just the past year, their efforts have resulted in an astounding $53,000 raised—a significant contribution that fuels our progress in the fight against childhood cancer.

“We are so grateful to be the nominated charity partner at FMA's amazing events - whether it's a golf day or their annual Gala dinner, we love the opportunity of being able to speak about our charity, the amazing work of our researchers and getting the chance to meet incredible supporters who are helping us to fund this important work that will help kids living with cancer,” says The Kids’ Cancer Project’s Partnership lead, Effie Kent, of the relationship.

For FMA their long-standing support for The Kids' Cancer Project is one of pride, knowing that their contributions are making a tangible impact on developing effective treatments for children with cancer. The relationship initially centered around the NSW branch, but FMA soon extended their fundraising nationally.

"It's rewarding to see our contributions make a lasting impact on the development of effective treatments for kids with cancer,” reflects Nicole Arnold, Manager Operations and Partnerships at FMA Australia. It’s often the case that behind every partnership lies a personal story—a journey that resonates with the cause on a profound level.

"My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, it was detected early, and she has now recovered. However, watching her go through treatment as an adult, one can only imagine how significant the impact cancer has on a child," FMA CEO, Nic Burt shares.

Amid all the fundraising events, there are moments that stand out - moments that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of participants.

Nicole recalls, "One of the most memorable moments was The Kids' Cancer Project video that was played at our Industry Awards of Excellence. In the video, Dr. Alex Willows, who himself is a survivor, explains why childhood cancer carries its own challenges which was eye-opening."

The essence of a partnership lies in the collective effort of its members and staff. FMA's commitment to supporting childhood cancer research is deeply rooted in their community ethos. Nicole affirms, "Our members and staff continue to support our efforts at every moment. All FMA people genuinely see the importance of developing childhood cancer research and are proud to contribute to our chosen cause.

“We see our role as providing a platform and financial support for The Kids' Cancer Project. We are thankful to be able to play a contributing part in raising awareness about childhood cancer while also supporting The Kids’ Cancer Project in the priceless work they do in the space.”

She says the impact of the partnership is evident at their events. “By providing a focused opportunity for The Kids' Cancer Project to share their story with our members, it fosters engagement and strengthens our network as we make a meaningful impact together.”

She is also grateful for support from The Kids’ Cancer Project team in hosting those events. “The Kids’ Cancer Project team is great to work with. They are always responsive in providing support and volunteering opportunities at key fundraising events which allows us to focus on our strengths in the delivery of the event.”

As the partnership evolves, there is a sense of anticipation—a shared excitement for what lies ahead. Nicole expresses her commitment to increase engagement and financial support so that one day no child will die from cancer.

“It only demonstrates further the importance of raising the profile of The Kids’ Cancer Project, to increase engagement and financial support so that one day, there is a one hundred per cent survival rate for children with cancer.

“I’m excited to continue to grow our partnership and achieve even more for The Kids' Cancer Project!”

In the tapestry of collaboration, our partnership with FMA Australia emerges as a thread—a thread that binds us together in a common purpose, a shared journey towards a brighter future for children battling cancer. With every event, every fundraiser, we take a step closer to realising our vision—a world where every child has the chance to live a healthy, cancer-free life.

Together, we stand united - driven by compassion, fuelled by dedication, and inspired by the unwavering belief that, indeed, together, we can make a difference.

For more information on partnerships with The Kids’ Cancer Project please email our Partnerships Lead Effie Kent at

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