Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month, let's bring the brain tumour community together to go grey, to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research. 

Our voices together can improve care and by raising awareness, our hope is to recognise the need for research and clinical studies to improve early diagnosis, standardise treatment, and improve the health of those children living with this disease.

Brain Cancer Awareness Month is made possible through collaboration with Cancer AustraliaLove for LachieRun DIPGRobert Connor Dawes FoundationAustralia New Zealand Children’s Haematology/Oncology GroupChildren’s Hospital FoundationIsabella and Marcus Foundation, and Brain Child Foundation.

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Associate Professor David Ziegler

Children’s Cancer Institute

At its completion, this project aims to produce the data required for a clinical trial of fenretinide combination therapy in DIPG. 

Professor Brandon Wainwright

The Institute of Molecular Bioscience

The Wainwright lab discovered that a drug recently approved to treat women with late stage breast cancer, can be repurposed to great effect to treat medulloblastoma in children.

Dr Nick Gottardo

Telethon Kids Institute

Evidence gathered from this study has strong potential to change the future clinical management of children with medulloblastoma.

Associate Professor David Ziegler

Kids Cancer Centre

The results of this project will lead directly to a rationally designed combination clinical trial that has the potential to directly impact on DIPG patients and improve their outcomes.

Professor Brandon Wainwright

University of Queensland

Using functional genomics and bioinformatics the Wainwright lab searched for potential new therapeutics for the disease and discovered CDK4/6 - a new drug – with a lot of potential.

Associate Professor David Ziegler

Sydney Children’s Hospital

This important discovery will be used to develop the optimal combination therapy at the bench with a view to fast tracking findings to the bedside to directly benefit children with DIPG.

Dr Elizabeth Hovey

University of Sydney

This international collaborative clinical trial is the first of its kind for newly-diagnosed AYA medulloblastoma patients.

Associate Professor Joshua McCarroll

Children’s Cancer Institute
If successful, this new therapeutic strategy has the potential to increase survival and quality of life for children diagnosed with all types of brain cancer.

Associate Professor Geraldine O’Neill

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

‘Printing’ brain tumours in gels as well as growing ‘mini-brains’ from human stem cells will help to more accurately measure the likely success of drugs for treating patients with brain cancer.

The night that changed everything Image

The night that changed everything

Good Friday in 2019 did not live up to its name for mum Serina Peries as her baby daughter Amelia was diagnosed with a devestating brain cancer. 

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