Brain Cancer Awareness Month

The brain tumour community comes together this May to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research. 

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease

Our voices together can improve care and by raising awareness, our hope is to recognise the need for research and clinical studies to improve early diagnosis, standardise treatment, and improve the health of those children living with this disease.

Kids’ Brain Cancer 360 is an editorial series where The Kids’ Cancer Project takes a deep dive into the issues facing children diagnosed with this, the deadliest disease faced by Australian families today, by speaking with a broad spectrum of carers.

Occupational therapist

Ranita Sidhu  provides her perspective as an occupational therapy coordinator with a specialty in paediatric brain cancer.

Registered music therapist

Sarah Punch provides her perspective as a registered music therapist dedicated to helping children with brain cancer.

Medical researcher

Dr Raelene Endersby provides her perspective as a medical researcher whose career is dedicated to finding kinder, more effective treatments for children with brain cancer.

Paediatric psycho-oncologist

Dr Jordana McLoone has dedicated her career to helping children and their families cope with the impact of a brain cancer diagnosis.

Care coordinator

Suzanne Momber, Oncology clinical nurse specialist, Perth Children’s Hospital, provides her perspective as an oncology clinical nurse specialist, her specialty being childhood brain cancer.

Paediatric oncologist

Professor Nick Gottardo has dedicated his career to translating ground breaking research in the lab to kinder, more effective treatments for children with brain cancer under his care.

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Primary caregiver Suzannah Taylor

We hear from Suzannah Taylor who provides her perspective as the mother and primary caregiver to a young survivor of brain cancer.

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Ava's story

A tragic experience for this Defence family revealed the desperate need for greater scientific knowledge around childhood brain cancer.

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