Help fight kids' cancer and you could WIN! 

Your raffle ticket goes towards funding vital research

The stats around kids' cancer are devastating. Raffle tickets bought through The Kids’ Cancer Project go toward scientific research to help the 950 children diagnosed in Australia every year.

General Raffle FAQs

  • How much of my raffle ticket purchase goes toward kids’ cancer research?

    Raffles are one of the more expensive ways to fundraise in the Australian marketplace. Alternative, low cost ways to help raise funds for The Kids’ Cancer Project include one-off donations, regular donations, or hosting a fundraiser on behalf of The Kids’ Cancer Project. For more information on supporting The Kids’ Cancer Project, please contact us on 1800 651 158 or email info@tkcp.org.au.

    50 per cent of Play For Purpose raffle ticket sales goes towards childhood cancer research from any given raffle. While 40 per cent of The Kids’ Cancer Project raffle ticket goes toward childhood cancer research from any given raffle.

  • Where does the money raised through raffle tickets go?

    The Kids’ Cancer Project funds vital childhood cancer research. Raffle tickets bought through The Kids’ Cancer Project go toward scientific research to help the 950 children diagnosed in Australia every year.
  • Can raffle prizes be exchanged?

    No. Prizes will be fulfilled as advertised. In the event of unforeseen circumstances where prize fulfillment as advertised becomes impossible, a prize of equal value will be fulfilled with the written consent of our regulators and the winners.
  • Do raffle winners have to pay tax on prizes?

    Under current Australian Government taxation legislation, you don't need to declare prizes won in lotteries such as lotto draws and raffles. The purchase of Play For Purpose tickets is classed as “Art Union tickets” and therefore you pay no tax on receipt of your prize.
  • Is the cost of raffle tickets tax deductible?

    No, under current Australian Government taxation legislation the cost of raffle tickets is not tax deductible.
  • What is Play For Purpose?

    Play For Purpose is a not-for-profit Australian raffle where people can win big prizes AND score winning feelings by supporting causes they love. Play For Purpose is operated by the 50-50 Foundation, an ACNC registered charity that has run over 300 charity raffles in support of 500+ charities and sport organisations since 2012.

    Play For Purpose is made possible by The Lott. As part of its support of community organisations, The Lott, the official home of Australia’s Lotteries, provides resources and financial support to every raffle. This reduces administration costs and means more money from every ticket goes directly to the cause you choose.

    Tickets are $10 each.

    For more information about Play For Purpose visit the Play For Purpose website.


  • What is The Kids’ Cancer Project Raffle?

    The Kids’ Cancer Project Raffle funds vital scientific research to discover kinder, more effective treatments for the 950 Australian children diagnosed with cancer every year.

    Tickets are $2.50 each.

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