The Bloody Long Day 2023

The bloody long day fundraising campaign in its 5th year in 2023
In a world that often seems overwhelmed by challenges, there are individuals and communities that rise above, showing unwavering dedication to a cause close to their hearts.

The mission was clear: raise funds for The Kids' Cancer Project, a national charity funding childhood cancer research.  The year 2023 marked the fifth year of 'The Bloody Long Day,' a remarkable fundraising campaign led by the indefatigable Mark Pacey.

This year, Mark embarked on a monumental 30-kilometer swim, a testament to his commitment to supporting an organization that has dedicated three decades to finding solutions to increase survival rates for the three children diagnosed with cancer every day. Join us on a journey through the inspiring stories of Mark and the diverse group of individuals and communities who rallied behind him, each leaving an indelible mark on 'The Bloody Long Day 2023.'

Mark Pacey's Bloody Long Day

This year Mark Pacey decided on a 30km swim in a day for his Bloody Long Day.  

Mark took on this huge challenge to recognise 30 years of our organisation, The Kids’ Cancer Project, and our relentless drive to fund research to find solutions to increase survival rates for the 3 kids that are diagnosed with cancer every day. 

Mark completed the swim in an incredible 10h, 28mins and 41seconds. It sure was a Bloody Long Day for him, and all of his supporters who were there on the day to support.  

Mark is a glowing example of how one person can inspire many, just like our founder, Col Reynolds.  

Mark Pacey at the end of his 30km swim in 2023 Bloody Long Day

Lachies Bloody Long Run

Lachie is supporting Mark Pacey by completing his own challenge of a 30km run! Lachie aimed to raise a target of $1,000 and amazingly exceeded this and raised a total of over $6,500!

Lachie encouraged people to join him for some of his “Bloody Long Day adventure” to help raise awareness of childhood cancer research. 

CrossFit Hurstville 

To honour the work being done by Mark and TKCP, CrossFit Hurstville set a 12hr Team Challenge Endurance Event. In teams of three they completed 12 hours of continuous work. The team performed a combined total on 12 hours on 3 machines alongside a team marathon on foot during the 12 hours.

“Each team will be fuelled by grit and perseverance”. “By working together, we will make a difference to help Kids with cancer”. We extend our sincere gratitude to the team at CrossFit Hurstville for their ongoing support. 

Craig McComb 

Craigs inspiration was sparked from his friends Mark single mindlessness to raise money and awareness for child cancer research. Being a close friend to Mark, Craig has seen firsthand the impact cancer can have on a family. To support Mark and his family, Craig committed to cycling for 8hours at a speed of 30km/h or higher.

Through his ride, Craig hoped to provide an insight into what a child with cancer and their families face by raising awareness. Craig raised an amazing $5,125! 

Paul Argall 

As part of the Bloody Long Day to support Mark Pacey and The Kids' Cancer Project, Paul completed the 4x4x48 challenge, originally created by ex-Navy Seal David Goggins. This consisted of running 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours!

Paul demonstrated fantastic endurance and dedication to The Bloody Long Day. Paul raised a total of $2,162 for the cause! 

Mark Pacey at the end of his 30km swim in 2023 Bloody Long Day

Sienna and Gabi

A cause close to Sienna and Gabi. Sienna’s boyfriend Cooper (who inspired his dad to create this event) was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 7. Now he is 20, and  Sienna and Gabi would like to raise funds for The Kids' Cancer Project to support child cancer research. “he was one of the lucky ones but sadly that’s not the case for every family”.

Together they ran a combined 30kms in support of The Bloody Long Day and exceed their fundraising target of $1,000 and raised $5,025! 

Keeping Up the Pace

To align with the celebration on The Kids' Cancer Project turning 30, “Keeping up the Pace” set themselves a 30km swim challenge. This group comprised of Mark’s family and friends have been through the highs and lows of cooper’s cancer journey and life.

This team reached out to their loved ones and community and encouraged to raise funds and awareness of The Kids' Cancer Project, and raised a total of over $4,000!  

Mark Pacey at the end of his 30km swim in 2023 Bloody Long Day

Sarah and Kerri-Lynn

Sarah and Kerri set themselves a challenge to walk a marathon distance of 42km around Sydney Harbour, they were pushing to beat last years record which was 37.11km!

With true determination and dedication, the girls smashed not only their fundraising target but also their distance.  In the end, they raised over $2,300 for The Kids' Cancer Project! 

Em and Grets Team

30 years or friendship ,30 years of The Kids' Cancer Project, and a 30km walk from Em and Gret! With the Bloody Long Day being a cause very close to their family, Em and Gret put in a great effort walking 30kms from Sydney Harbour Bridge to Gunnamatta Bay while raising $2,105!

Mark Pacey at the end of his 30km swim in 2023 Bloody Long Day


The Blkout Gym community came together to support Mark, and raise funds and awareness for The Kids’ Cancer Project.  

The incredible community filled 24 hours of rowing - across 5 rowers, they began from 5pm Friday afternoon till 5pm Saturday evening. The team, although tired and sore, managed to raise over $5,300 for the cause! 

Athletic Culture 

The Athletic Culture team kicked off the Bloody Long Day events in September by completing a huge 30km run in Wollongong, NSW. 

Amongst beautiful scenery, the team ran for the best part of the day, raising funds and awareness for The Bloody Long Day and The Kids’ Cancer Project, raising over $1,000!  

Mark Pacey at the end of his 30km swim in 2023 Bloody Long Day

Marathon Men

Cooper and Daniel did their Bloody Day in a different way, taking on the challenge of tackling the Sydney Marathon, running the full 42.1kms!

Starting early in the morning in Sydney’s Milson’s Point, they completed the marathon and celebrated at the finish line at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

The Marathon Men raised over $2,000 for their mammoth effort!  

To participate in your own fundaiser, click the link below to see what you can do: 

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