Innovative technology provides enhancement to advanced radiation therapy
22 Nov 18
Scientist says it may help radiation resistant tumours, neuroblastomas in children.
New treatment helps avoid deafness in child chemo patients
21 Nov 18
Clinical trial shows high cure rates for some kids' cancers while reducing long-term effects.
New anti-cancer drugs put cancers to sleep… permanently
20 Nov 18
Melbourne scientists discover a new weapon for treating cancer without harmful side effects. 
Can tablet computers reduce hospital stress for kids?
18 Nov 18
The Kids’ Cancer Project bears are helping this Clinical Nurse Researcher find out.
New checklist to help boost women in science leadership
17 Nov 18
Data from science societies reveals interesting trend in gender equity.  
Drug-free way to bring calm
16 Nov 18
Hypnosis may help reduce fear and anxiety in children undergoing treatment for cancer.

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