Behind the science: Dr Paul Wood
20 Oct 19
Potentially life-saving research not possible without funding.
Behind the science: Associate Professor Irina Vetter
12 Oct 19
This researcher is seeking to relieve the burden of pain on children receiving chemo.
Behind the science: Associate Professor Rishi Kotecha
05 Oct 19
This oncologist finds his work stimulating and rewarding, especially when he checks his inbox.
Behind the science: Associate Professor Geraldine O'Neill
20 Sep 19
Exploring the landscape of the human brain will revolutionise brain cancer treatment.
Behind the science: Dr Alla Dolnikov
17 Sep 19
Striving for CAR-T cell therapy to be part of standard care for kids with cancer. 
Behind the science: Dr Cassy Spiller
12 Sep 19
On the path to discovering a diagnostic test for testicular cancer. 

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