Zayden’s unbe-leafable fundraiser

Zayden’s unbe-leafable fundraiser

Five-year-old entrepreneur Zayden is learning the joy of helping others through fundraising with his own little business.

When five-year-old Zayden from Western Australia started a bank account he was focused on saving up for toys and one day buying a cool race car. But a school charity event led him to use his business skills for philanthropic reasons.


The root of the idea

Inspired by their shared love of gardening, Zayden and his Mum put together hydro plants to sell at a school fundraiser. Together they decorated jars of this clever fauna (which grows without soil) and sold them under the business name Z’s Little BeeZness.

“He loves nature and seeing things grow. So I thought hydro plants would be a perfect thing to sell,” says Zayden’s Mum Dirce. “He had so much fun making them and they were a huge success! He raised the most at his school. He was so proud.”

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Helping other kids

Although Zayden has enjoyed seeing money go into his piggy bank from his venture, Dirce encouraged him to continue the fundraising element.

“I told him about some children’s charities and how very lucky he is,” she told The Kids’ Cancer Project. “He loved the idea that he can help lots of children and still reach his goals.”

After finding out about The Kids’ Cancer Project on Facebook, the Mother and son team decided to give a portion of earnings raised throughout June 2021 to the charity.

Dirce explains that The Kids’ Cancer Project’s message of supporting scientific research into kinder, more effective childhood cancer treatments fits with the ethos of Z’s Little Business.

“Zayden wants everyone to be happy and healthy like him.”

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Blossoming success

As well as helping Zayden learn about the value of savings, running Z’s Little BeeZness has helped him learn other important lessons.

“I love that it’s teaching him great communication skills and an amazing work ethic,” says Dirce. “The fundraising part teaches him about compassion and empathy. He’s only five but he’s so aware!"

- Dirce, Zayden's Mum

Dirce admits that creating the plants is a lot to juggle with her own work and Zayden’s schoolwork. But prepping orders has become something fun they can do together.

“I really enjoy the one-on-one time helping him make them.”

Zayden has had a great reaction from his family, friends and the community. Z’s Little BeeZness has a growing Facebook and Instagram and the young entrepreneur has even been interviewed on the radio.

“It’s just amazing how people come together to help a little boy with big goals and dreams for himself and other children who aren’t as fortunate.”

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A budding friendship

Zayden hopes that the funds raised throughout June will help send bears from The Kids’ Cancer Project’s range to sick children in hospital. Z’s Little BeeZness is also running a raffle with a portion of ticket sales going towards The Kids' Cancer Project to help even more kids.

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Young Zayden knows first hand how fantastic The Kids’ Cancer Project’s cuddly companions are, after receiving his very own Orlando Pirate Bear.

“He’s my new favourite teddy!” Zayden says. “He is going to be my new sleeping buddy!”

If you’d like to support The Kids’ Cancer Project in a fun way like Zayden, take a look at some great ways of making a difference here.

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