Toby's Bear Bundle (Sold Out)

Toby's Bear Bundle (Sold Out)

$164.85 per unit incl GST, postage and handling


The bear bundle that shows people care. Baby Toby was just three-months old when he was diagnosed with infantile fibrosarcoma. His hospital stay was made just a little better when Toby received some cuddly pals that offered comfort during treatment. You can donate Toby's Bear Bundle this Christmas so other kids like Toby never feel alone or afraid over the holidays. 

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Read Toby's story. 

Delivery notice: Donated bears are despatched to hospitals twice weekly. Home purchases are delivered by Australia Post from New South Wales - check your domestic delivery times here

All soft toys in The Kids’ Cancer Project collection are made with love, come individually gift boxed, can be gently hand-washed and pass Australian toy safety standards.

Christmas Bear sits 31cm high and is suitable for children 3 and up.

Baby Activity Bear sits 26cm tall and DeeDee Dinosaur sits 30cm high. Both are suitable for newborns and up.