Leave a legacy of hope for a  cancer-free future for children.

Leave a gift in your Will

Remembering The Kids’ Cancer Project in your Will is a significant way to help find better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for childhood cancer. By leaving a gift in your Will, you pave the way for a life free from cancer for all children in the future. It's a powerful legacy.

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"I want to provide for children with cancer in my Will"

Writing or changing your Will is a deeply personal decision. Many people feel most comfortable leaving what is left of their estate after their loved ones have been provided for. This is known as the residue of your estate, or a residual gift.
Other options include leaving a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your total estate, a percentage of the residue of your estate, or items of value (such as shares or real estate).If you decide to make this very special gift, please let us know. It's wonderful to hear from those who’ve made (or who are considering making) such a great gift.

Wording for your Will

If you already have a Will, simply add a codicil (a short legal amendment) to it. Here is some suggested wording: “I give (insert dollar amount/items of value/percentage of my residuary estate) to The Kids’ Cancer Project: ABN 13 061 138 181 for research in the field of childhood cancer.”


Coral's story

To help develop a cure for the disease that has decimated her family, Coral has left a generous gift as a bequest, in her will.

Remembering The Kids' Cancer Project in your Will

The Kids’ Cancer Project is very appreciative of those thoughtful individuals who are considering leaving a gift to help children.

A matter of words

Whether you call it a ‘gift’ or a ‘bequest’, what matters is getting the wording right in your Will.

Leaving a gift in your Will

Ensuring everything is in order, from both a personal and legal view, is essential when creating a Will.

The gift of giving

Leaving a gift in a Will to a favourite charity is an important – and appreciated – gesture at any time, and a wonderful legacy of a life well lived.

A gift that can change lives

Making a difference in life is what most of us strive to accomplish but leaving a legacy after you’ve gone might well prove to be the most significant gift.

FREE online Will service

Over 70 percent of Australians don’t have a legally binding Will. An up-to-date Will is one of the most important documents you can create for yourself and your family. Your legacy is important and that’s why The Kids’ Cancer Project has partnered with Australia's top-rated Will-writing platform, Gathered Here, where you can write your Will for free in under 10 minutes with free and unlimited updates for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a gift and a bequest?

    Leaving a gift in your will is also known as a bequest. 

    A bequest in a will refers to the act of giving a gift of something you own to a person or organisation. The person or organisation receiving the item is the beneficiary.

  • How do I leave a gift in my will?

    Leaving a gift in your will, also known as a bequest, to The Kids' Cancer Project is a relatively simple thing to do however there a few things you need to know first.

    1. Check with your solicitor that your will is valid

    2. Ensure you include our correct name: The Kids’ Cancer Project and ABN: 13 061 138 181

    3. Let your family and/or close friends know

    4. Let us know - we'd love to say a huge thank you!

  • What if I already have a will?

    If you have an existing will and would like to include a bequest to support the work of The Kids' Cancer Project, you can add in a codicil, essentially a note, expressing your wish. Please note any codicil needs to be signed, dated and correctly witnessed, so it’s a good idea to check with your solicitor that it is correct and therefore legal.

  • What is a bequest?

    A will allows you to make a gift of any possessions and money you leave behind to organisations or beneficiaries of your choosing. This kind of gift is known as a bequest. Some people choose to leave a bequest to an organisation or charity in their will.

  • Why leave a gift in your will?

    By leaving a gift in your will to The Kids' Cancer Project, you give the most important gift of your life-time. A bequest in your will can continue the funding of bold scientific research to help create a cancer-free future for the next generation. 

Sue's life-saving decision Image

Sue's life-saving decision

Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer early in 2014. At the end of the year, after surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she was cancer free. Her experience made her think about her grandchildren, how would her family deal with the trauma if one of the kids was diagnosed with cancer?

I wouldn't want my adult children to experience the heartache of cancer with their little children. Leaving a gift in my will is something I can do to make a difference.

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