In Focus: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Exterior of The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
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The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Victoria, known to many as simply Peter Mac, is one of the world’s leading cancer research, education and treatment centres globally and is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer.

There is a staff of over 2,500 at Peter Mac, including more than 580 laboratory and clinical researchers, all focused on providing better treatments, better care and potential cures for cancer.

The internationally renowned cancer laboratories are searching for fundamental biological and biomedical discoveries, and aim to facilitate the development and application of these discoveries to their full therapeutic potential. 

Meet the scientist we've funded at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 

Professor Ricky Johnstone

Professor Johnstone is the Executive Director Cancer Research and a Group Leader in both the Peter Mac Cancer Immunology Program and Translational Haematology Program. 

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The Johnstone laboratory fully integrates fundamental cancer and immunological research with pre-clinical development and testing of novel therapeutic regimes, to drive new clinical trials using agents under investigation in the lab.

Major themes in the lab include:

  • Defining the molecular events underpinning anti-cancer drug action and resistance.
  • Dissecting the role of altered epigenetics in tumour onset and progression, and targeting epigenetic enzymes to treat cancer.
  • Integrating epigenetic- and immune-based therapeutics to provide more potent and durable therapeutic outcomes.
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