BLD wrap up 2021

BLD wrap up 2021

Be inspired to hold your very own Bloody Long Day for childhood cancer research.

Motivated by his son’s cancer journey, Mark Pacey has committed to enduring a 24-hour continuous ultra-triathlon to raise money for childhood cancer research every September for the past three years.

Since 2019, The Bloody Long Day has raised over $180,000 for The Kids’ Cancer Project as Natasha Poulos, Community Fundraising Executive shares.

“We are so proud of what The Bloody Long Day has achieved,” says Natasha. “Mark Pacey developed this idea because of the long hours he spent by his son Cooper’s bed while he was being treated for Wilms tumour.”

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“Now the annual fundraiser has generated a huge following both in Australia and New Zealand with all money raised going toward finding kinder, more effective treatments for many different types of children’s cancer,” says Natasha.

Mark's achievements have also been recognised more widely through the Westfield Local Hero’s program where Mark was named as a finalist in his local area of Hurstville, Sydney.

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Look who had a Bloody Long Day in 2021

Not everyone can endure a 24-hour continuous ultra-triathlon like Mark, so he encourages people to do “Bloody Long Day” their way. This year people and whole companies committed to a variety of activities from simply taking a walk every day in September to an eight-hour cycling challenge. Read on to discover the creative ways people got involved. You might even be inspired to join in!


To make a donation to any of the teams mentioned in this story, visit The Bloody Long Day 2021 fundraising page.

Mark Pacey's Bloody Long Day Image

Mark took his Bloody Long Day even further in 2021, making his challenge that much tougher by running, cycling, and rowing for the 24-hour duration.

Mark’s Bloody Long Day took place on 25 September, in his hometown of Lugarno. With Greater Sydney in lockdown due to COVID, he took on the whole event based in the four walls of his garage. It was a moving tribute and nod to his experience surrounded by the four walls of Cooper’s hospital room all those years ago.

Mark's workplace, Fisher & Paykel, stepped up to support him with staff creating a team to participate in The Blood Long Day. They set two challenges to hit as a collective - 24,000 burpees in 24 days and 24,000 kilometres in 24 days.

The team embraced the events and raised almost $15,000 for childhood cancer research.

"Fisher & Paykel is extremely proud to support ‘The Bloody Long Day 2021’ to help fund research into children’s cancer."

Fisher & Paykel's Bloody Long Day Image
Sarah and Kerri's Bloody Long Day Image

Sarah and Kerri-Lynn originally planned to walk the distance from Crows Nest to Coogee. When the five kilometre rule for LGAs in Greater Sydney kicked in, the dynamic duo pivoted by challenging themselves to walk 50,000 steps in their 5km radius in one day.

The women started their walk early one morning and after nine hours they clocked over 61,000 steps and 48.2 kilometres! They also smashed their fundraising target of $500, going on to raise an incredible $3,200. Sarah said she had a really good time and felt very grateful to be able to help such a great cause.

“It was a great day - we were exhausted by the end and covered in blisters but I'm so glad we were able to do it.”

12RND Birkdale generously got involved, turning one whole Saturday into a Bloody Long Day. The challenge? A team of 24 dedicated supporters skipped for one hour continuously to total 24 hours of skipping.

Participants committed to enduring the full hour and all completed their hours successfully. The Birkdale Team were successful fundraisers too and raised over $500 for medical research to discover kinder, more effective cancer treatments for children.  

“It's the least we can do to help individuals and families affected by childhood cancer.”

12 Round's Bloody Long Day Image
William's Bloody Long Day Image

The Williams Team who participated in the 2020 Bloody Long Day, increased their walking goal and achieved 46 kilometres between them this year.

Once again inspired by Mark’s huge effort, the group walked all through the day to make a difference for the cause. The team are passionate about the difference they are making, exceeding their fundraising goal of $1,500 to raise a huge $3,195!

“This fundraiser is very close to our hearts.”

Craig Mccomb has been a close friend of Mark’s long enough to see the impact cancer made on his family.

Inspired by Mark’s efforts to raise funds and awareness for The Kids’ Cancer Project, Craig once again committed to riding his spin bike for eight hours straight. Craig hopes that his challenge will bring recognition to the many “bloody long days” that kids with cancer endure.

“[Raising funds for] The Bloody Long day is a great cause.”

Craig's Bloody Long Day Image
Keeping the Pace Bloody Long Day Image

The Keeping up the Pace team are a group comprised of Mark’s family and close friends.

Last year, they committed to walking a huge 42.2 kilometres and decided to match that again this year with the addition of more passionate members. The team battled their nervous energy and turned it into excitement, as they completed their huge challenge to spread the word about The Kids’ Cancer Project.

“We are touched and inspired by Mark's amazing determination, generosity and slight insanity in creating such an event.”

Lloyd Evan's Bloody Long Day Image

Ever thought about running Mount Everest? Lloyd Evans challenged himself to running the equivalent in kilometres and vertical gain to raise awareness for our great cause.

The part-time runner didn’t quite get there, but did manager a huge 75 kilometres, 4,300m on a 12.5 percent grade hill. Lloyd also raised over $3,000 in the process.  

“It’s about raising awareness and funding for The Kids’ Cancer Project, and to support families like the Pacey's who have to hear their child has cancer.”

Want to hold your own Bloody Long Day? Sign up here.

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