2020 Bloody Long Day wrap

2020 Bloody Long Day wrap

Be inspired to hold your very own Bloody Long Day for childhood cancer research.

For the past two years, Mark Pacey has committed to enduring a 24-hour continuous ultra triathlon to raise money for childhood cancer research. His Bloody Long Day was inspired by the hours he spent in hospital while his son Cooper was being treated for a childhood cancer he eventually survived.

“We, along with many other families, would spend day and night with our kids on the oncology ward at the hospital,” said Mark. “While those days often felt like a bloody long day (and I said it often enough), it was never anywhere near what the children with cancer had to endure through their treatment.”

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This year Mark’s Bloody Long Day was even bigger as his supporters joined him in their own Bloody Long Days for The Kids’ Cancer Project throughout September - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

From walking every day of the month to cycling eight hours straight, here are all the creative ways people interpreted a Bloody Long Day. So, read on and you might even be inspired to hold your very own!

Sarah and Kerri-Lynn formed part of the Stryker Steps team.

The girls took on the challenge of completing 40,000 steps in one day. They persevered through harsh, rainy conditions and wet sock blisters to reach their step target in under seven hours. The girls smashed their initial fundraising goal of $500, going on to raise an incredible $1,750.

Sarah said she had a great time and felt very grateful to be able to help out such a great cause.

“It was such a fun day and I felt very grateful to be able to help out such a great cause.” 

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CrossFit Hurstville generously got involved, turning their open day into a Bloody Long Row.

The challenge? Six row machines going for four hours straight to equal 24 hours of rowing!

Participants all took turns on the row machines, making sure not to give up until the four hours was up. The CrossFit Team were super successful in their fundraising, reaching their ambitious goal of $10,000!

"We are proud to be a part of such a good cause."

Cherie and her team walked 24 hours straight after finishing a long day at work.

They walked non-stop from 5pm, Friday 4 September until 5pm, Saturday 5 September.

They walked all through the rainy night but said to have had the best time making this contribution to the wonderful cause. Needless to say, they all slept very well Saturday night. Their efforts raised over $3,144.

“The response from family and friends was amazing, so much so that I have a few new recruits for next year! “

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Matt joined the Bloody Long Day team as he felt a donation wasn’t enough.

He committed to running with Mark Pacey during the night and early hours of the morning, covering more than 50 kilometers. Matt powered through his original kilometer goal and ended up running a total of 62.5 km. What a huge achievement!

“I really enjoyed myself... I may have not said that during the entire run haha. Thank you again for all your efforts, you and The Kids' Cancer Project team have been fantastic :).”

Zelos Fitness set their patrons the challenge of hitting 50 kilometeres on row machines on the evening of 27 August.

The training facility was met by an outpouring of community support – effortlessly exceeding their fundraising goal to raised a total of over $6,000.

The Zelos team were happy to raise funds for “an organisation that totally deserves everything they receive”.

"What an awesome night at Zelos, raising funds for 'The Kids Cancer Project."

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Craig Mccomb has been a close friend of Mark’s long enough to see the impact cancer made on his family.

Inspired by Mark’s efforts to raise funds and awareness for The Kids’ Cancer Project, Craig committed to riding his spin bike for eight hours straight.

Craig hopes that his challenge will bring recognition to the many “bloody long days” that children with cancer endure.

“[Raising funds for] the Bloody Long Day is a great cause.” 

Team "Keeping up the Pace" were a mix of Mark's family and closest friends. 

They committed to walking a huge 42.2 kilometers – a distance none of the girls had walked before.

The team battled their nervous energy and turned it into excitement, as they completed their epic challenge to spread the word about The Kids’ Cancer Project.

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The Williams Girls committed to completing a 10 kilometer run at the start of September to support the Bloody Long Day.

It was a huge challenge not completed by the girls before – but their perseverance saw them see their success.

The team said they loved their run, and finished with a sense of great pride in what they were able to achieve and the reason behind their run.

“Thanks The Kids' Cancer Proejct, for the support and encouragement!”

Ever ran the entire coastline from Sydney's Bondi to Manly?

That's exactly what Lloyd Evans did to raise awareness for kids with cancer.

The part time runner ran a huge 83 kilometers in total, non-stop and unsupported. He was met at the finish line by friends, his partner and a beautiful view.

“Happy to support The Kids' Cancer Project.”

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Ben Crammond wanted to support the cause by doing his own endurance event, dubbed “The Bloody Long Night”.

Ben successfully ran 55 kilometers through the darkness and with an injury! He was showered with support from his network, smashing his initial fundraising goal of $2,000 to raise close to $3,000 for childhood cancer research.

“I have loved every minute of this adventure and playing a small cameo during the night as part of the epic 24h triathlon! Thanks so much The Kids' Cancer Proejct, for the kind words and support!”

Marie and set herself the challenge of walking 30,000 steps around her neighbourhood.

Knowing the goal might be tough to reach on her own, Marie cleverly tweaked her plan to participate in a bootcamp class.

This paired with a bit of extra walking saw her effortlessly reach her step goal in one day!

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Inspired by Mark’s desire to do more, The Girls Team set their own personal challenge of walking 10 kilometers everyday throughout September as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The team of three agree that the challenge might be tough, but is all for a good cause.

Renata set a challenge as part of the Stryker Team – representing the organisation Mark works for.

Renata committed to walking 50,000 steps in one day and thought it would be a great way to smash some step records!

Not only did she smash the steps, but Renata excelled in fundraising too – going on to raise over $1,000 for The Kids' Cancer Project. 

You can support any of the fundraisers mentioned in this story here.

Or if you're ready to hold your own Bloody Long Day sign up today

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