Even cows can raise money for kids’ cancer research

Even cows can raise money for kids’ cancer research

Here's how a Tathram community creatively raised funds to help children with cancer. 

Elaine and Darcy Trustum are grandparents from Tathram NSW - an historic farming community tucked between Casino and Lismore.

When their granddaughter Emilia, or Millie as she's known to friends and family, was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoblastic lymphoma in December 2018, they knew they had to somehow help the cause so no family would have to suffer the way theirs had.

Millie helped raised thousands of dollars for kids' cancer research with the help of her grandparents, parents and school friends. 

Being seasoned cattle farmers, they looked no further than their stock and trade for a great fundraising idea; to auction a cow and calf so they could donate the proceeds to fund much needed childhood cancer research - a way to make a genine difference. The auction was extremely successful, not only did they hit the headlines in their local paper in May to raise awareness, but they also raised over $3,200 for The Kids’ Cancer Project.

This is the cow that was auctioned off through the Ray White Rural Casino Facebook page.

And here is the calf.

But the Trustum family didn’t stop there. 

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the whole family got involved. Led by Millie’s dad Kevin and mum Erica, the troupe recognised the great opportunity to raise even more funds and awareness for The Kids' Cancer Project. At just eight years old, Millie herself approached local biscuit and cupcake bakers to help raise the funds. The baking buffs were excited to get involved, designing incredible Gold Ribbon biscuits and cupcakes.

CJ's Sweets and Treats baked gold and delicious goodies for a bake sale.

The gold ribbon is internationally recognised for childhood cancer.

Then Millie took her fundraising to the next level. The young leader wrote a letter to her school Principal, asking that the school hold a gold dress-up day to raise funds for the charity. Her peers gave gold coin donations and two couragous older girls in Year 6 cut their hair to maximise the impact of the day. 

Millie's letter to her Principal. She said yes!

We are fortunate to have Millie here today. Many children aren’t so lucky and there are many of these sad stories every day. The Trustum family see it as their job to give back - and the best way to give back is to help raise much needed funds for children’s cancer research so that future generations will never experience what Millie went through.

This year, through their incredible fundraising efforts, the Trustum family raised close to $16,000. And they're not giving up now. The family will continue to raise awareness of kids' cancer and raise funds for the science that will save them. Putting children first is an unmistakably Tathram trait – after all, the name translates directly to ‘child’ in the town’s native language.

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