Reboot Kids: Recruiting now

Reboot Kids: Recruiting now

Reboot Kids has created a new program to help families navigate an important element of life post-cancer treatment.

Finishing cancer treatment can come with its own hurdles for children and their families. Reboot Kids has created a new program to help families who’ve been affected by cancer to navigate an important element of life post-treatment.


Changing food routines

For families going through childhood cancer, the end of treatment can seem like an impossible milestone. Thankfully, advances in medical research mean it’s a landmark that more and more children are reaching.

Often during treatment, everyday worries like eating enough fruit and vegetables fall down the list of priorities. With everything focused on survival, food routines can go out the window.

Some families have found that their children struggle to return to their previous eating habits even after treatment has finished. Kids may have undergone toxic therapies, or experienced side effects that made swallowing food difficult. Often, a family's behaviour can change surrounding food whilst a child is going through cancer, with an increased reliance on convenience meals and more treats for kids. These factors can mean children’s eating preferences change.

Unfortunately, cancer survivors can be at a higher risk of lasting effects from their cancer treatment. They have an increased chance of developing many long-term illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. This means a balanced diet is vitally important to safeguard their future health.

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"I have been thrilled with the impact the study has had in changing my child's relationship with food. He is far more open to trying different food options and is less stressed about food choices."

- Mother, 11-year-old male, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia survivor

Where Reboot Kids can help

Reboot Kids is a new healthy eating program for children who have finished cancer treatment and their families. Developed by a team of researchers from the Kids’ Cancer Centre at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, the initiative is proudly supported by The Kids’ Cancer Project.

Through online modules and telephone support, Reboot Kids aims to provide families practical ways of making meal times less stressful and encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables.

They are now inviting parents to participate. Watch Reboot Kids' latest video below for full details.


How is Reboot Kids structured?

Reboot Kids is a randomised controlled trial to help study the effects of the program. Families will either receive Reboot Kids straight away or after a few weeks.

  • Three flexible online modules
  • Home-based activities
  • Ongoing phone support with a psychologist

Who is Reboot Kids for?

  • Children aged 2 years and over
  • Finished cancer treatment
  • Feeling well and eating
  • Picky with their food


How can my family get involved?

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"We have been offering him lots of different fruits and vegetables. We have also been giving him vegetables on the side with his lunch too. We have been having some success which is excellent."

- Mother, 5-year-old male, brain tumour survivor

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