Students hike 65km in 28 hours for kids with cancer
15 Sep 19
“Despite tired bodies, there was a major sense of accomplishment," teacher said. 
Behind the science: Dr Cassy Spiller
12 Sep 19
On the path to discovering a diagnostic test for testicular cancer. 
The not-so-quiet Australian
11 Sep 19
Karl Fretwell shares a few home truths with parliamentarians about kids' cancer.
Behind the science: Dr Sue Heatley
10 Sep 19
Funding this research is a real game changer for kids with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
Behind the science: Dr Elizabeth Hovey
05 Sep 19
Game changing science for adolescents and young adults with medulloblastoma. 
Behind the science: Associate Professor Tamas Revesz
01 Sep 19
Two Adelaide children with high-risk relapsed ALL admitted to world-class clinical trial. 

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