Imogen’s Lose Your Locks Story

Imogen is smiling in front of a purple backdrop and holding a pink, paper heart with the words
Six-year-old Imogen lost her locks to raise money for childhood cancer research.

You’re never too young to make a difference! Six-year-old Imogen has proven this with her incredible Lose Your Locks fundraiser for childhood cancer research. Imogen’s mum tells us the story.

Where it all began

Our link to childhood cancer began with Callum.

Callum was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2011, aged five months old. He underwent surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible but by aged two, the disease had progressed to stage four high-risk neuroblastoma. Countless surgeries, scans, treatments and ICU stints followed. Sadly, in December 2015, Callum gained his angel wings. Forever five years old.

Imogen stands proudly in her school uniform showing off her long locks.

Imogen was seven months old when her young Uncle Callum passed away. Childhood cancer suddenly became something 'close to home'. Before that, we hadn’t heard of The Kids Cancer Project or the wonderful work that they do. It has now become an organisation close to our hearts.

As parents, we wanted Imogen’s first haircut to be meaningful, using it as a way to donate hair to children going through cancer, and raise funds for scientific research through The Kids’ Cancer Project. My sister and I had previously donated our hair and, when Imogen was old enough to discuss the idea, she was on board.

Imogen kept asking ‘is my hair long enough to donate yet?'

Keeping memories alive

On the sixth anniversary of Callum’s death, we began our fundraising project. We shared some of Callum's story on Facebook, along with photos of Imogen’s long hair, and our aim to raise as much as we could for The Kids Cancer Project. We were overwhelmed by donations of every size. We were so grateful, but also saddened that most people who donated had also had their lives touched by cancer. The following week, Imogen cut her hair in loving memory of Callum. She raised an astonishing $5,000.

Imogen is proud to have honoured her Uncle Callum’s memory. She recently showcased her hair donation certificate at school and spoke about The Kids’ Cancer Project and Callum. Her class were in awe. It was certainly the most talked about back-to-school haircut!

Cancer has always been something we’ve discussed. Imogen was so little when Callum passed away, but he’s been present through photos and stories to ensure he’s always remembered. All four of my children know Callum loved rainbows, butterflies, rubbish trucks and cement trucks so every time we see one, the kids say ‘hi’ to him.

A collage of images showing the different stages of Imogen's haircut as she donates her locks.
Imogen showing off her new hair-style while posing with her cut-off braids.

What started as a goal of $300 was well and truly surpassed! We are so proud of what Imogen has achieved at the age of six. We are also grateful for the generosity of our friends, family and local community for their support. Aside from the amount raised, it’s amazing to be able to spread the word about the fantastic work The Kids Cancer Project do, supporting scientists working to improve treatments to help kids like Callum in the future.

Are you ready to lose your own locks? Register now and be a hero for kids with cancer.