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Striving to brighten the lives of kids living with cancer.

With 950 children diagnosed each year and three passing away each week, we are proud to be partnering with The Kids' Cancer Project. We passionately believe in their mission to ensure the 100% survival of all children diagnosed with cancer. Since 2018, through donations and our Party for Kids with Cancer® charity, we have contributed $350,333 to fund scientific projects. It makes us proud to see our philanthropic efforts making a real impact on finding a cure."

- Anne Petracca, CEO, Lorraine Lea

About Lorraine Lea

We are a company that believes in providing the ultimate home-based business for today's modern person. A company built on family values, we empower people to achieve success and balance through a career they love.

We're a company that strives to brighten the lives of kids living with cancer. We're simply about inspiring people to create beautiful spaces within their home.

We are the company, that since 1986 has existed for experience, reward, style, fun, and above all else, making a positive difference in the lives and homes we touch. We are Lorraine Lea.

Why Lorraine Lea chooses to support The Kids’ Cancer Project

Lorraine Lea has family and community at its core. As a family-owned business, Lorraine Lea has been touched by cancer. The company experienced the tragic passing of co-founder, Peter Ryan, in 1999 when he lost his battle with cancer. This tragic loss spurred the company to establish the Party for Kids with Cancer® charity fund – a way of giving back to the community and supporting the families of children living with cancer.

Lorraine Lea is proud to partner with independent Australian charity, The Kids' Cancer Project. It is a unique charitable organisation with a dedicated focus on bold, cutting-edge scientific research that will eventually unlock the cures desperately needed to fight kids' cancers.

Together, both organisations work towards a shared goal of eradicating childhood cancer once and for all. 

Key challenge

Since 2000, Lorraine Lea's Party for Kids with Cancer® fund has raised over $1.8 million in support of various cancer causes that treat kids' cancers and help the families of children living with cancer. The challenge for Lorraine Lea was to find a charity that supported research to fight for a cure of childhood cancer, which can drive zero deaths of children with childhood cancer.


The Kids’ Cancer Project solution

The Kids' Cancer Project offered a productive partnership, and through supportive planning have become an extension to the campaign development team. They provide a seamless transition, act as the perfect conduit, and we have full confidence that working with The Kids’ Cancer Project our funding goes to the right place; life-saving research to find the best treatment options with the fewest side effects for children diagnosed with the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

Outcome and results of partnership with The Kids' Cancer Project

Lorraine Lea is proud to have contributed $350,333 to The Kids’ Cancer Project since 2018 through a variety of fundraising initiatives.

Party for Kids with Cancer®

Every June Lorraine Lea hold’s a nation-wide month-long Party for Kids with Cancer® fundraising appeal. All proceeds go toward life-saving research to find the best treatment options with the fewest side effects for children diagnosed with the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

PJ Bear

This furry fellow is a sentimental favourite and the Party for Kids with Cancer® mascot. PJ Bear is made with love and in honour of the Lorraine Lea’s co-founder, Peter Ryan.

Lorraine Lea knows that hospital can be a scary time for a child. During the company’s annual fundraising appeal customers can purchase a soft and cuddly PJ Bear and ask to have him donated on their behalf to a kids’ hospital ward in their state. This way they have a friend by their side, so they never feel alone or afraid during their treatment. Now, thousands of PJ Bears have been donated to children’s hospitals around Australia. Plus, a year-round contribution of $3 is also donated from the sale of every adorable teddy.

The Kids’ Cancer Project CEO, Owen Finegan, said financial support from partners like Lorraine Lea is an essential ingredient to finding better treatments and ultimately, a cure for childhood-specific cancers in this country.

“The numbers of children diagnosed aged 0 – 19 each year are staggering,” said Finegan. “While cure rates are improving, childhood cancers still kill more Australian kids than any other disease. We are dedicated to investing in bold medical research to provide children with their own special treatments because kids’ cancers are very different to adult cancers, yet they receive the same treatments which are very harsh on growing bodies. Ninety percent of those who do survive will develop at least one chronic condition resulting from their treatment." 

Lorraine Lea and The Kids’ Cancer Project are grateful to all staff, Stylists and customers who year after year get behind Party for Kids with Cancer® to support research to help find a cure for childhood cancer.