Blue skies ahead: Inside The Kids’ Cancer Project and Blue Sky Services’ budding partnership

Blue Sky Services CEO channelling the inner wizard with a touch of mischief! Harry Potter meets Minions for spellbinding day at the office.

Blue Sky head office team sure knows how to bring the spirit of fun and creativity to the workplace

The Kids’ Cancer Project prides itself on its relationships with its corporate partners, who graciously partner with us to fund vital research into childhood cancer. 

Blue Sky Services, a national award-winning cleaning business, is one such company who has partnered with The Kids’ Cancer Project to commit to our mission of finding 100% survival rate for children with cancer.

Blue Sky were first made aware of The Kids’ Cancer Project through several industry-related events. The desire to reduce cancer-related deaths and find less harmful treatments for children saw Blue Sky reach out to The Kids’ Cancer Project’s Partnerships team, and the relationship soon blossomed.

While the benefits of Blue Sky’s partnership with The Kids’ Cancer Project is motivated by a joint desire to fund science and research, Blue Sky’s People and Culture Coordinator Tha Yu Tin says the partnership has also had a profound impact on the company’s team and has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

“The most significant fundraising highlight has been the profound influence on our company culture and the unwavering dedication of our team members to making a meaningful difference in the world,” she says.

“The involvement in the campaign has brought about unexpected benefits, particularly in enhancing company culture.”

Tha Yu explains Blue Sky has observed a noticeable shift where more people are not only willing but eager to participate in the campaign activities.

“There's a palpable sense of joy as colleagues come together, not just to support the cause, but also to share laughs and enjoy each other's company.

“This increased engagement and fellowship have fostered a more cohesive and positive work environment, strengthening team bonds and morale in ways we hadn't initially anticipated. It's been truly rewarding to see how a shared commitment to a cause can bring people together and positively impact company culture.”

Blue Sky Services CEO channelling the inner wizard with a touch of mischief! Harry Potter meets Minions for spellbinding day at the office.
Blue Sky Services CEO channelling the inner wizard with a touch of mischief! Harry Potter meets Minions for spellbinding day at the office.

Monthly donations made by team members is one avenue individuals within the organisation have demonstrated their passion for making a difference. When quizzed about the highlights of the partnership up to this point, Tha Yu says it centres solely around impact.

“Knowing that our contributions are going to help support research and make a difference has been incredibly rewarding for everyone involved, further fuelling our collective commitment to driving positive change,” she says.

Blue Sky was recently a matching partner for K’day, The Kids’ Cancer Project’s annual day of giving held every 15 February, effectively doubling donations made by donors who were inspired by Blue Sky’s generosity.

“The opportunity to double the impact of donations and inspire others to give generously was truly fulfilling,” she says. 

The company says it can’t wait for next year’s addition to not only build and exceed the funds it raised for K’day 2024, but to make a positive difference amongst the wider community.

Tha Yu ultimately hopes the funds raised by Blue Sky will assist scientists in finding cures and less harmful treatments for Aussie kids.

“By funding research initiatives, we can strive towards more effective treatments with fewer side effects, ultimately improving survival rates and quality of life for young cancer patients,” she says.

“We also hope that our fundraising will make a tangible difference in the lives of kids with cancer by providing support, advancing research and raising awareness, offering them hope for a brighter future despite the challenges they face.”

Tha Yu is unwavering in her belief in The Kids’ Cancer Project and encourages other like-minded businesses to consider becoming a corporate partner.

“The Kids’ Cancer Project’s is dedicated to funding scientific research to find better treatments and ultimately cures for childhood cancer. By supporting the organisation, you are directly contributing to efforts that have a profound impact on the lives of young cancer patients and their families.

“I would encourage other organisations to consider supporting The Kids’ Cancer Project as a strategic philanthropic investment that has the power to transform the lives of children.”

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