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The WOTSO team at one of our events, standing in front of a yellow TKCP banner and holding up various hexagonally shaped frames

WOTSO first became involved with The Kids’ Cancer Project in 2017, when a group of thirty of us managed to raise $50,000 by shaving our heads. It was during the head shave that we realised if a group of thirty people could achieve such amazing results in fund raising, what could happen if we continued to scale our efforts across all our WOTSO locations.

WOTSO's Christmas display consisting of a Christmas tree shaped frame, decorated with gold lights and ornaments and a banner for WOTSO WorkSpace on the right.

Since then, we have participated in yearly initiatives TKCP have put on, leading up to 2021, The Better Challenge. A challenge that really could not have come at a better time! We were all in a lockdown and needed something to give us purpose and a way to reconnect over friendly competition and a shared experience - for our WOTSO team and our WOTSO members. We decided to make things interesting by creating 18 different WOTSO teams for the 18 locations Australia wide - each site competing against each other to move the furthest and raise the most.

It was an exciting month, full of movement, updates, and great support from The Kids’ Cancer Project. Halfway through the challenge, CEO Owen Finnegan jumped on a webinar with WOTSO’s joint MDs Jessie Glew & Tim Brown. The webinar was broadcasted to the WOTSO team and members discussing the origins of The Kids’ Cancer Project and discussing the importance of “doing better” for kids with cancer. It was informative and inspiring to learn more about how TKCP originated.  As an Australian business striving to do better ourselves and a business that believes in results, we align with and are passionate about TKCP’s mission to raise funds to support scientific research that will find kinder and more gentle solutions for kids with cancer. We will continue to participate in The Better Challenge and other upcoming events and fundraisers such as Pirate Day. 

The Result

We were incredibly impressed by the results we saw from our 18 WOTSO teams. Collectively we moved 10,604kms and raised $60,000. In addition, one WOTSO team member who is an avid runner moved an outstanding 1,001km for the month.

We cannot talk highly enough of the camaraderie and engagement The Better Challenge brought to WOTSO during the second lockdown, which was a time of disconnect and isolation for many. We also cannot talk highly enough of the support TKCP provided us – a team member was always on call or not to far away to answer any questions or assist in any way, the resources such as social tiles and email banners were all ready and delivered. 

This year we will continue our support and our pledge to “do better” by upping our target to $75,000 raised. 

As many as 90% of the kids who survive will develop one or more chronic health conditions. We want to help them feel BETTER. This September, The Better Challenge is back!

Run, walk or roll 90km and help raise money for research into BETTER treatments, BETTER care and BETTER outcomes.

You’ll be helping to create a BETTER future for kids with cancer. 

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