Exciting new cancer research grants announced

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The Kids’ Cancer Project announces successful 2021 PdCCRS grant recipients.

The Kids’ Cancer Project and Cancer Australia have announced the successful 2021 grant recipients to receive funding for innovative cancer research through the Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS).

The Kids’ Cancer Project is one of seventeen Funding Partners of new cancer research projects totalling $4.4 million funded through the scheme. Other Funding Partners include: Can Too, Cure Cancer, Leukaemia Foundation, Lung Foundation Australia, My Room Children’s Cancer Charity Ltd, and Pancare Foundation.

The Australian Government, through Cancer Australia, will invest $2.8 million, with Funding Partners contributing $1.6 million, to fund the successful grant applications.

The PdCCRS funds priority-driven cancer research projects which are outcomes and impact-focused, translatable into clinical practice, policy and/or further research; and able to foster consumer participation in cancer research, from design to implementation.

Successful applicants of funding partnered with The Kids’ Cancer Project are:

Guillerey, Camille - Mater Research Institute, The University of Queensland

  • Utilising cord blood-derived Natural Killer cells to prevent post-transplant relapse in Childhood Leukaemia

    Funded by: The Kids’ Cancer Project, Cancer Australia, Leukaemia Foundation, and My Room Children’s Cancer Charity Ltd

Tjin, Gavin - St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research

  • Identification of megakaryocyte and platelet bone marrow niches

    Funded by: The Kids’ Cancer Project and My Room Children’s Cancer Charity Ltd

A full list of successful applicants can be found at Cancer Australia.

Acting Cancer Australia CEO Associate Professor Cleola Anderiesz sincerely congratulated the successful 2021 grant recipients. Associate Professor Anderiesz said:

The PdCCRS, now in its fifteenth year, has made a significant contribution to national cancer research to drive improve outcomes for Australians affected by cancer through its national collaborative funding model.

Owen Finegan, CEO of The Kids’ Cancer Project says he is thrilled to collaborate with Cancer Australia and other Funding Partners in two ground-breaking research studies to discover better treatments for children diagnosed with cancer. He says: 

By partnering with Cancer Australia and other like-minded organisations through the PdCCRS, we are able to drive the gifts of our donors further – funding more studies for longer.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is proud to add two new scientists to our portfolio of research projects through the latest round of Cancer Australia’s PdCCRS.

We look forward to sharing the impact of the work of both Dr Camille Guillerey and Dr Gavin Tjin with our community in the coming months.

The PdCCRS is an annual, national, priority-driven research grants scheme which brings together Cancer Australia and other funders of cancer research to coordinate and maximise investment in cancer research across Australia. Since inception in 2007, 459 grants totalling $161 million have been funded through the PdCCRS. 

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