Reno’s hair-raising fundraiser

Reno’s hair-raising fundraiser

Reno White only needed to look as far as his own head to help kids with cancer.

How can you help kids with cancer just by cutting your hair? Long-time supporter of The Kids’ Cancer Project Reno White has the answer to that, having now lost his locks twice to raise vital funds for kids’ cancer research.

Reno was deeply affected after seeing the huge impact cancer had on several neighbours and friends.

“I saw their struggles and can empathise, not from direct experience with cancer, but challenges my family has had with other health issues,” Reno says.

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He was motivated to make a difference and began researching ways to raise money for a cancer charity.

“I looked up a worthy foundation and came across the work that The Kids’ Cancer Project do.”

As a hands-on Dad to daughters Kahsha, 11 and Atisha, 7, Reno was moved by the charity’s focus on childhood cancer research. Lose Your Locks, an initiative that sees supporters clip, cut or chop their hair to raise money, seemed like an easy way to show solidarity with kids affected by cancer and support scientific advancements. 

“Sometimes it doesn't take much to make a difference,” he explains, talking about the decision to cut his hair for charity. “Growing hair comes naturally so I used Lose Your Locks as an opportunity to create awareness and raise funds.”

In 2016 Reno took the plunge and shaved his head, raising an amazing $650 for The Kids’ Cancer Project. But he didn’t stop there, taking part again in February 2021 and raising another $800.

The decision to take part for a second time was easy for him.

“I thought, it's been around five years since I last did this. I still have hair on my head, so why not use it and lose it for a worthy cause?”

Simple tools helped Reno smash his fundraising goals. He set up a page on the platform Raisley which he shared on social media to inspire his friends and family to support The Kids’ Cancer Project.

His message to those thinking of doing a fundraiser is this: “Every dollar counts and helps give kids with cancer the opportunity to survive and thrive!”

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Lose Your Locks Like Reno

  1. Choose a date, set a time and decide where you will Lose Your Locks.
  2. Register your event or create your own fundraising page here.
  3. Select your style and get ready to show off your personality! Are you bold, sassy, cute as pie or super chic?
  4. Share your event by telling your family, friends and everyone what you’re doing via email and social media. Encourage them to sponsor you and be there to watch your transformation.

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