Reducing long-term side-effects of chemotherapy in cancer survivors

Reducing long-term side-effects of chemotherapy in cancer survivors

Recipient: Professor Irina Vetter
Institute: The University of Queensland
Funding: $298,141 October 2021 to September 2024

Chemotherapy-induced neuropathies and gastrointestinal issues can persist for years in young cancer survivors.

Chemotherapy has fundamentally changed the way childhood cancer is treated. However, the severe side effects can adversely impact treatment outcomes and even necessitate dose reduction or discontinuation of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, there are limited options for dealing with these unpleasant side effects, which often manifest as pain, numbness and abdominal pain. Recovery is slow, with symptoms persisting long after the cessation of chemotherapy.

Better interventional or preventative treatments are essential to improve the quality of life for childhood cancer patients during and after treatment.

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This research builds on the Vetter lab’s recent work into drugs preventing vincristine-induced sensory neuropathy. The funding will support deeper investigation into the wider interventional capabilities of these treatments, and the potential to apply these novel mechanisms to other classes of chemotherapeutic drugs.