Pre-clinical anti CD-47 therapy

Pre-clinical anti CD-47 therapy

Recipient: Dr Raelene Endersby and Professor Nick Gottardo
Institute: Telethon Kids Institute
Funding: $98,716 July 2021 to June 2022

This study is funded in collaboration with Love for Lachie.

In brain tumours known as high-grade gliomas, are immune cells that are simply sitting dormant.

Behind the Science: Kids' cancer dynamic duo

These immune cells typically conduct search-and-destroy missions in the brain against bacteria and viruses, however against cancer cells they’re not at all aggressive. But what if they could be taught to recognise cancer cells for the deadly threat they represent and kill them off? The researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute’s Brain Tumour Research Team think that through an international research collaboration based on immunotherapy, they might be able to stimulate the brain’s immune cells to do just that.