Impact of treatment on late effects and survivorship on childhood cancer survivors

Prof. Nassar funded to research the impact of treatment in children
Prof. Nassar funded to research the impact of treatment in children

Recipient: Professor Natasha Nassar
Institute: University of Sydney
Funding: $39,578 July 2019 to December 2021

This is the first population-based data linkage study in Australia to examine the link between treatment and medical conditions arising in childhood cancer survivors later in life.

An estimated 60-90 per cent of kids’ cancer survivors develop one or more chronic health conditions, and 20-80 per cent experience severe or life-threatening complications during adulthood.

Professor Nassar and her team will review comprehensive treatment information available from medical records in NSW and will cross-reference it with data collected in the state-wide cancer registry since 1972. These findings will contribute to and inform a national study to explore the link between treatment and long-term health of childhood cancer survivors.

Findings about the risks of late effects will be relevant to all Australian clinicians, survivors and their families, as well as the international community.

Ultimately the work will lead to the development personalised follow-up care for all childhood cancer survivors.