Getting to know: PhD Scholar, Col Reynolds Fellowships, Megumi Hui Ai Lim

Megumi (Meg) Lim from Queensland University of Technology is researching the financial impacts of childhood cancer on families.
Megumi (Meg) Lim from Queensland University of Technology is researching the financial impacts of childhood cancer on families.

Recipient: Megumi (Meg) Lim
Institute: Queensland University of Technology
Funding: $20,000.00

Megumi ‘Meg’ Lim is an aspiring cancer health economist, with a clinical background in Radiation Therapy. She found her passion in health economics when undertaking a Master of Business Administration while working as a Radiation Therapist. After pursuing a Master of Public Health Meg’s PhD is exploring the financial impacts of childhood cancer on families.


In the six years that I worked as a radiation therapist, I observed that while cancer treatments were becoming more sophisticated, they were also becoming more burdensome for families involved in terms of out-of-pocket costs, time spent as carers, and the resulting sacrifices to employment. Having cared for my dad, who went through stage IV cancer ten years ago, I empathised with the parents who accompanied their children for daily radiotherapy treatments, who comforted their crying children, and whose lives revolved around caring for a child who might not survive.

With the incidence of childhood cancers increasing, its impact on society can be expected to rise as well. Observing the rising costs of cancer, I started to wonder, ‘Do these increases in the costs of treatment result in a proportionate increase in quality of life?’. It’s important to evaluate the costs and gaps in cancer support services so that we can overcome systematic challenges and improve the quality of life of both children and their families.

Consequently, I decided to undertake a PhD in cancer economics. That’s why my PhD project examines the financial burden of childhood cancers on families in terms of out-of-pocket costs, as well as the difficulties and preferences in welfare assistance schemes currently available.

Col Reynolds Fellowship PhD top-up scholarship

I’m amazed at the interest received for my PhD project. It was developed through discussions with my supervisors and driven by my passion for cancer economics. It’s such an incredible opportunity to receive support that will help increase parents’ participation along with the dissemination and implementation of my research findings. I think I speak for all PhD students in the health and research sector when I say that we pursue a research career in hopes that its outcomes will make an impact on the community. The Kids’ Cancer Project PhD Scholarship will certainly help me do just that!

Thank, you donors!

I’m truly thankful for the interest and opportunity provided for my project. Accessing funds for a PhD project is rare, competitive, and difficult. This would not be possible without the support of donors who believe in the work of PhD students. Thank you for believing in me.