We support research projects which will have the greatest impact on childhood cancer survival. 


We are committed to supporting research that meets our 6 priorities.

We fund research projects in Australia and internationally to help children with many types of cancer. Our priority is to find and fund research that will have the greatest impact of achieving our goal of one hundred percent survival for children with cancer while minimising or eradicating the harmful impacts treatment can bring.

We've also identified areas outside of medical research, such as advocacy and partnerships to ensure the best outcomes for children with cancer.

Our Research Priorities are:
Priority 1: Improving survival and treatments
Improving treatments for childhood cancer will have a direct impact on survival rates. The Kids' Cancer Project will gain an understanding of best practice and emerging technologies spanning all modalities of treatment. The Kids' Cancer Project will support research with this focus as a top priority.

Priority 2: Late effects
Two-thirds of survivors report at least one chronic medical condition and one-third report at least one severe or life threatening medical condition. Whist current data dissects mortality rates it does not unveil the important consideration of quality of life.

The Kids' Cancer Project places importance on the ongoing quality of life of survivors of childhood cancer and will invest in identifying new treatments with greater potential for healthy outcomes for all children with cancer.

Priority 3: Capabilities
Capabilities refers to building capacity, infrastructure and collaboration around childhood cancer to expedite our mission.

The Kids' Cancer Project will promote programs and initiatives that will improve collaboration between research facilities, provide expertise and knowledge transfer of research data and findings. The Kids' Cancer Project will support the career development of the next generation of childhood cancer researchers to build on their success and push forward to new treatments and cures.
Advocacy and Research in Childhood Cancer
Priority 4: Understanding childhood cancer and the causes
The Kids' Cancer Project will strive to ensure that outcomes for Australian children are in line with best practice as benchmarked against international standards. The Kids' Cancer Project will selectively participate in research that builds on the body of knowledge surrounding the causes of childhood cancer.

Priority 5: Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs)
The Australian health system defines a child as an individual between 0 and 15 years old. The Kids' Cancer Project has extended their definition of a child to include 0 to 18 year olds in response to the significant drop in survival rates once a child reaches 16. The Kids' Cancer Project recognises that Young Adults are an important consideration, which will now be incorporated in future research funding specifications where possible.

Priority 6: Access to care
The Kids' Cancer Project will advocate for equal access to care for children with cancer, regardless of geographical or socioeconomic status.

*The Kids’ Cancer Project defines a child as an individual up to the age of 18 years old.
Together we can end childhood cancer.
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