Frankie looks great in black jacket and trousers complete with regulation reflective stripes. This proud firefighter is always at his station, ready to attend his duties!

Your Frankie Firefighter Bear donation will go directly to a child in hospital and proceeds of the sale to scientists who can discover kinder, more effective treatments for kids with cancer. 

"We have a 12 bed paediatric unit and the teddy bears make such a difference to our sick children. I gave one yesterday to a 4-year-old going for surgery. He was reluctant to sit on the trolley but when we put Frankie Firefighter on the trolley with him he was happy to sit with Frankie. The difference was amazing." - Austin Hospital, Victoria

Frankie Firefighter Bear stands at 40cm high and is suitable for children 3 and up. All soft toys in The Kids’ Cancer Project collection are made with love, can be gently hand-washed and pass Australian toy safety standards.

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