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Christmas Bear

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! This limited-edition teddy has travelled from the North Pole and into our hearts. With a fur trimmed hat and jacket, Christmas Bear brings joy at a special time of year.

Boy and Girl Bear Bundle

Sammy Superhero and Olivia Fairy are ready to zoom into hospitals for a cuddle! With sparkly wings and a cool cape, the pair are flying all over Australia on a mission to save the world from childhood cancer!

Fantasy Bear Bundle

Fresh out of Neverland, Olivia Fairy and Orlando Pirate are ready to set sail on magical adventures with new friends. Complete with fairy crown and jaunty eye patch, this fantasy pair will let little ones’ imaginations run wild.

Baby Bundle

Ollie Puppy and Baby Activity Bear are an extra-squishable twosome! Super soft and cuddly, they are the perfect pals for young friends who love to play and get plenty of hugs.

Hospital Favourites Bear Bundle

The perfect combination of energetic and snoozy, Omega Sleepy Bear and Sammy Superhero are the best of friends. Sammy is ready to fly off on adventures and Omega is there to curl up for a snooze and hear stories afterwards.

Oscar Classic Bear

Oscar is the original The Kids’ Cancer Project teddy bear. His honey plush is on show and accessorised with a jaunty green scarf.

Olivia Fairy Bear

Olivia is pretty in pink! She has sparkling wings with coordinating fairy crown and tutu. Olivia is known for being able to keep a secret, she’s ready to hear all your hopes and dreams.

Baby Activity Bear

This baby activity toy is ideal for infants with its plush velour body, crinkle sound ears, a soft mirror, chewy teethers on the right paw and a squeaker on the left. It even has a peek-a-boo flower in a secret foot pocket.

Omega Sleepy Bear

This sleepy head is ready for bed in comfy pyjamas and red-striped sleeping cap. Omega loves cuddling, hearing stories and curling up for a good snooze.

Orlando Pirate Bear

Orlando is ready to sail the high seas in striped trousers, white top, black waistcoat, pirate hat and jaunty eye patch.

Ollie Puppy

Ollie is a peppy pup who is ready to play! With super soft short plush, he is perfect for plenty of hugs and cuddles too.

Deedee Dinosaur

This plush prehistoric pal is the ideal gift for any young dinosaur fan. Super soft and cuddly, Deedee is sure to become a best bedtime buddy.

Sammy Superhero Bear

Sammy’s colourful costume includes a removable cape and velvet eye mask. This superhero’s mission is to save the planet from childhood cancer!