RAMS continues its support for life-saving research

RAMS continues its support for life-saving research

RAMS Financial Group have committed much-needed funding and business support to assist in childhood cancer research projects.

The Kids’ Cancer Project has welcomed the continued support of RAMS Financial Group, who have committed much-needed funding and business support to assist in cancer research projects.

It’s all part of the charity’s most ambitious fundraising initiative - to raise $1.7 million by 31 October through a matched giving appeal.

The campaign, which started in August by requesting the support of corporate partners, foundations and major donors, is now generating mass community support and is tied to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

RAMS has supported The Kids’ Cancer Project since 2018, and during that time has made a significant contribution to the independent national charity.

With close to three Australian children diagnosed with cancer every day and three passing away every week, funding scientific projects is the fastest way to a cure.

Owen Finegan, CEO of The Kids’ Cancer Project has seen first-hand the positive impact that can be created through longer-term support with corporate partners and congratulated RAMS for stepping up to help the 950 children 0 – 19 years of age diagnosed with cancer in Australia on an annual basis.

“We are thrilled that RAMS continues to choose to make a genuine impact on scientific discoveries for kids with cancer by partnering with us,” said Mr Finegan.

“The Kids’ Cancer Project offers organisations of all sizes the opportunity to multiply their impact up to four times through our current campaign,” he said. “Our mission is to stop the disease that is the number one killer of Australian children in its tracks.”

Philanthropic investment with The Kids’ Cancer Project goes toward innovation grants to top researchers around Australia through collaboration with like-minded organisations. We have committed to funding eight research projects through Cancer Australia's Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS).

Jake Bromwich, Managing Director RAMS said: “The work at The Kids’ Cancer Project is particularly close to our hearts, and we are proud to join in their mission to support bold scientific research that will improve the treatments of childhood cancers.”

The Kids’ Cancer Project is seeking pledges from the business community to fund life-saving scientific research for childhood cancer.

To discover how you can partner with The Kids’ Cancer Project, contact CEO, Owen Finegan owen@tkcp.org.au.


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