YPURA Natural Spring Water supports childhood cancer research

YPURA Natural Spring Water supports childhood cancer research Be part of the solution by purchasing YPURA featuring artwork by kids' cancer survivors. 

Proceeds of YPURA Natural Spring Water, featuring colourful artwork created by children diagnosed with cancer, are directed to the best and brightest childhood cancer researchers in Australia.

Be part of the solution. Place your order today! Call 1800 651 158 or email info@tkcp.org.au

Meet Dulcie and Audrey, both girls are cancer survivors turned water bottle artists!

Dulcie pictured left, was a three-year-old who didn’t want to go to kindy anymore. The short car trip there was making her sick. But thanks to science and excellent medical care, she's thriving. Read Dulcie's story

Audrey on the right, pictured with Col Reynolds OAM founder of The Kids' Cancer Project, once had headaches so strong that she asked her mum to take her to hospital. But a collaborative effort turned that all around. Read Audrey's story


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