Tim Blair 220 kilometre run for kids with cancer!

Tim Blair 220 kilometre run for kids with cancer! There is no stopping Tim Blair ultra marathon runner and social entrepreneur from Tasmania.
There is no stopping Tim Blair, an ultramarathon runner and social entrepreneur from Tasmania.
After completing the 2016 City2Surf in Sydney, Tim journeyed to Nepal to run an epic 220 kilometres from Pokhara to Kathmandu. He ran the distance over three days and reached his destination on 17 September.
Both runs were to help others with funds raised supporting The Kids’ Cancer Project and the Pemba Sherpa Foundation which will be using money raised to build schools for Nepalese children.
The conditions in Nepal were harsh; running along roads with no hard shoulder and trucks barrelling past. Tim pushed on in thirty-five-to forty-degree heat with seventy-five percent humidity each day.
He set a cracking pace and the country side of rice paddy fields turned to mountain villages with the locals welcoming him as he passed through.
On day three, just fifteen kilometres short of his final stop for the day, Tim collapsed with extreme heat exhaustion.
“My body let me down, after thinking I was ok for a couple of kilometres I collapsed," said Tim. "Thankfully my great support crew, Peter Aird, Heath Holden and driver Jim Bob were there. I can’t remember anything, only waking up in an air conditioned room trying to get my core temperature down.” 
The following day Tim completed his odyssey and was greeted by wife Mandy, daughter Lily and son Raj; who had travelled from their hometown of Devonport, Tasmania to Kathmandu.
Tim and his support crew were welcomed in the nation's capital by Nepalese officials and the Australian Ambassador, His Excellency Glenn White.

Tim and his support crew in Nepal.
“This journey can only be described as amazing," said Tim. "I have made lifelong friends in Nepal and again been touched by their generosity and friendly nature."

"Hopefully we have achieved what we set out to do; that is to publicise Nepal as a tourist destination and raise much needed funds for the most important people in the world – children.”
The ultra marathon runner started Tim Blair – Run for Kids’ Foundation in 2014 after being inspired by children fighting cancer in his community and has donated over $130,000.
Donate to research and help find more effective treatments for kids with cancer.