Behind the science: Dr Emily Mould
11 Feb 20
As we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020, we meet a scientist who is ...
Behind the science: Dr Joost Lesterhuis
29 Jan 20
Exploring an exciting new treatment for soft tissue sarcoma in children, but time is of the essen...
Behind the science: Dr Raelene Endersby
20 Jan 20
An exciting, new clinical trial has launched after seven years of game-changing research, none of...
Behind the science: Dr Jennifer Cohen
13 Jan 20
Healthy eating is for healthy living. How a better survival rate across most kids’ cancers,...
Reboot-Kids: Helping survivors thrive
07 Jan 20
Good food habits after cancer treatment can create the difference between excellent health and se...
Behind the science: Professor Claire Wakefield
02 Jan 20
For a long time the kids' cancer medical community has appreciated the powerful effect of car...

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