Jamie's story

Jamie's story

Jamie's cuddly companions were there for him at a time when he needed them most.

Four-year-old Jamie loves life, especially when it’s full of teddy bears! His cuddly companions are an important source of support, having been gifted by generous donors at a time when he needed them most.

In 2019, Jamie’s world changed drastically when was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His Mum, Nicky, says her boy was just a very normal two-year-old living on a 40-acre property in rural Western Australia.

“Jamie enjoyed running around on the farm with the horses and cows, feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs every day. He loved playing in the sandpit with his digger and trucks. Life was free-flowing,” says Nicky.

Leaving the farm

When Jamie started to experience a strange combination of symptoms - high temperatures, loss of appetite and sore tummy - Nicky and husband Les took him to the doctor. That’s when they received the crushing news.

“Finding out your child has cancer is one of the hardest things any parent will ever hear,” says Nicky.

“Life changes in that moment. You drop everything and become 100 percent focused on your child and knowing what the “fix” is to make them get rid of this horrible disease that’s trying to kill them.”

Nicky had to bundle her farm-loving toddler up and take him to the city for life-saving treatment at Perth Children's Hospital. Along with the financial stress of relocating, was the toll of watching the little boy go through a multitude of tough medical procedures.

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“Holding your child down screaming and looking at you to rescue them from agony is so heart-breaking, I can’t begin to describe it."

- Nicky Sherlock

Furry friends

One thing that brought a smile to Jamie’s face during particularly tough moments were The Kids’ Cancer Project bears. Gifted by generous donors and handed out by hard-working hospital staff, Nicky describes the enormous impact they’ve had on her son.

“Every time Jamie went in for a procedure, he was given one of the teddy bears,” she says. “He just loves them and the fact they all have a different purpose and character. They're a little bit of happiness on a horrible day. I can’t thank the people who donate them enough."

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Jamie is now well enough to continue his chemotherapy treatment at home but the furry friends, who supported him through his worst days, continue to be firm favourites.

Nicky says between the tangible support of the teddies from The Kids’ Cancer Project and the scientific research that is being funded through the proceeds of sales, she and Les are hopeful for the future.

“Jamie still has some very bad days and he’s not out of the woods just yet,” says Nicky.

"Thank you everyone for your ongoing support, it is appreciated so very much.”

- Nicky Sherlock

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