In Focus: Kids Cancer Alliance

In Focus: Kids Cancer Alliance Learn more about the institutes we support through our In Focus series.

Kids Cancer Alliance is one of seven Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centres incorporating research, clinical training, education and service delivery within a formal framework that links leading research and clinical centres.

Kids Cancer Alliance conducts a broad range of child cancer research with a focus on three areas: developing more potent, less toxic anticancer therapies; improving diagnostics for predicting prognosis and monitoring therapeutic response; and providing better models of care for young adult survivors of child cancer, as well as the many under-resourced adolescents and young adults with newly diagnosed cancer.
The research efforts of the alliance have been organised into four flagship programs:

  • Improving models of Child Care
  • Treatment of High Risk Child Cancer
  • Monitoring and Preventing Treatment Side-effects
  • Prevention of Child Cancer

The team at Kids Cancer Alliance take pride in developing expertise and quality that has attracted national and international collaboration.

Meet the scientist we've funded at Kids Cancer Alliance

Professor Glenn Marshall
Professor Glenn Marshall is a Paediatric Haematologist and Oncologist at the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. He is the Director of the Kids Cancer Alliance, a CINSW TCRC focused on child cancer research.  He is Head of Translational Research and the Molecular Carcinogenesis Program at the Children's Cancer Institute Australia, and conjoint Professor, School of Women and Children’s Health, Faculty of Medicine at UNSW.
He has published more than 180 original research articles on various biological and clinical aspects of child cancer. His primary preclinical research interests include the development of Myc and MycN inhibitor drugs, novel histone deacetylase inhibitor therapies, mechanisms by which normal embryonal cells become cancerous, and preventative therapies for embryonal cancer. He has a longstanding clinical and translational research focus on relapse detection by Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) testing in leukaemia, and the therapy of high-risk or relapsed leukaemia.


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