UPS Foundation give to school program

UPS Foundation give to school program

The UPS Foundation drives global corporate citizenship and philanthropic programs.

On Thursday, 19 October 2017, The Kids’ Cancer Project received a US$33,000 (approx. AUD$42,030) grant from The UPS Foundation which drives global corporate citizenship and philanthropic programs for UPS (NYSE:UPS).

The grant will be used to fund Ready, Steady, School, a study being driven out of UNSW Sydney by Dr Joanna Fardell aimed to develop an online support program for children and adolescents with cancer who are returning to school.

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Research is helping more young people survive cancer than ever before. However, diagnosis and treatment disrupts a young person’s education, which can negatively impact social and academic development. The grant means Dr Fardell and her team will be able to develop and implement an online resource to meet the needs of children with cancer across all school age groups, as well as their parents and teachers.

In recognition of what some term ‘an epidemic of survival’, The Kids’ Cancer Project committed $294,678 of funding in 2016 over three years to Ready, Steady, School. Owen Finegan, Chief Executive Officer of The Kids’ Cancer Project is thrilled to be awarded The UPS Foundation grant.

"The Kids’ Cancer Project recognizes while it’s imperative that better treatments and a cure for the disease is discovered, with eight in ten children now surviving, it’s just as important to help them have the best chance in life, starting with education,” said Mr Finegan. “The Ready, Steady, School program will assist in meeting that need."

Established in 1951 and based in Atlanta, Ga., USA, The UPS Foundation identifies specific areas where its backing clearly impacts social issues. In support of this strategic approach, The UPS Foundation has identified the following focus areas for giving: volunteerism, diversity community safety and the environment.

In 2016, UPS and its employees, active and retired, invested more than $116.6 million in charitable giving around the world. The UPS Foundation can be found on the web at To get UPS news direct, visit

"The UPS foundation is honored to support The Kids’ Cancer Project’s efforts to improve the lives of children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer in Australia,” said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation and chief diversity and inclusion officer at UPS. “Our goal is to fund powerful programs that make a lasting difference to the global community."