In conversation with... Debra Singh

In conversation with... Debra Singh

She’s the boss when it comes to big business, now she’s helping kids with cancer. We chat with Debra Singh, a Director on The Kids’ Cancer Project Board. 

Debra Singh is an Executive Director to the Greenlit Brands Board and Group CEO of Household Goods. She is passionate about finding a cure and believes that it’s only through scientific research that we will see improved survival rates.

Here she shares what motivated her to volunteer as a Director on The Kids’ Cancer Project Board, a position she’s held since 2017.

Q. Why is supporting childhood cancer research important to you?
A. I have three grandchildren and am very blessed they are all healthy and have normal lives, but I have seen friends and their families devastated by the loss of a child to cancer, and no parent or family should ever have to experience that pain and loss! We have to find a cure and it’s only going to be through research and science that we improve survival rates, and that goes to the core of The Kids’ Cancer Project mission.

Q. What inspired you to volunteer as a Board Member for The Kids’ Cancer Project?
A. After having gone through my own personal fight with ovarian cancer six years ago, and knowing how debilitating the treatment and side effects can be, no child should ever have to endure that in their most important formative years. I am also really inspired by the unrelenting determination of every volunteer, scientist and employee at The Kids' Cancer Project.

Q. What are you doing to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research?
A. Whenever I get the opportunity to talk about The Kids’ Cancer Project and the wonderful work the team and scientists do, people are amazed. We need to keep flying the flag and getting the message out there, that if we are really going to make a difference, it’s only going to be through science and research.

I shaved my hair to raise money recently and will do anything I can to continue to raise awareness…maybe a tattoo this year!

But it's not just about me, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the fundraisers, donors and supporters; know that every little bit counts. If you can share The Kids’ Cancer Project story with others and encourage them to donate, it may be the best gift you can give.

Q. What is your hope for children diagnosed with cancer in the future?
A. My hope for the future is that no parent ever has to hear the words “your child has cancer” and that all children get the opportunity to enjoy their childhood! 

Donate to research and help find more effective treatments for kids with cancer.

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