A 23 year commitment to kids with cancer

A 23 year commitment to kids with cancer Leading national charity invests over $34 million thanks to community support.

The Kids’ Cancer Project was established on 29 July 1993 to support childhood cancer research and is now a leading national charity having invested over $34 million thanks to community support.

“What a journey it has been,” reflected Col Reynolds this week.

“When I first learned kids get cancer in the 1980’s, I would take children out of hospital on day trips to distract them and to brighten their days,” he said.

Col initially funded the trips and activities himself then soon realised others also shared his passion and the idea of working with the community began.

Over the years Col became friends with the children and the families he was privileged to meet. Sadly though, many of these children passed away from their cancer. This made Col even more determined to help them and make a difference.

“The activities and funds raised just never seemed enough and I was determined to do more," said Col.

"I asked Dr Luciano Della Pozza at the Children’s Hospital, now at Westmead, what would truly help these children. The answer was research. From that day on I dedicated my life to finding and funding the scientist who will end childhood cancer,” said Col.

Col established a national charity, now known as The Kids’ Cancer Project. The organisation is one hundred percent dedicated to supporting childhood cancer research. Thanks to community support for Col’s vision, more than $30 million has since been invested in research projects across Australia.
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“My vision and passion is to see the day when all childhood cancers have better treatments and one hundred percent survival rates."

I urge the community to support childhood cancer research. It’s only by working together that we can stop this disease. Our children deserve no less.”
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