Collaboration key to cure

Collaboration key to cure The Kids’ Cancer Project announce investment in Brain Cancer Mission.

The Kids’ Cancer Project has boosted the Morrison Government’s Australian Brain Cancer Mission with an initial $2.652 million commitment over eight years.

The Mission is a true partnership between the Australian Government, philanthropists, researchers and clinicians, patients and their families.
This announcement brings total investment in the Mission to more than $107 million. It’s a hefty figure that puts The Kids’ Cancer Project multimillion dollar contribution in good company.
The collaboration comprises $55m from the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund along with significant donations from the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation ($20m), The Children’s Hospital Foundation Queensland ($10m), Minderoo Foundation ($10m), Carrie's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer ($5m) and the State of Victoria ($2m).  
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In a press release earlier in the year, The Honourable Greg Hunt MP Minister for Health described brain cancer as the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for Australians under 25, tragically taking the equivalent of a classroom of children each year.

“Sadly, only 20 per cent of patients of all ages survive the disease,” said Mr Hunt. “The Australian Brain Cancer Mission – coordinated by Cancer Australia – aims to double survival rates and improve the quality of life of people living with brain cancer over the next 10 years, with the longer term aim of defeating brain cancer.”

Over the past five years, The Kids’ Cancer Project has committed over $4.2 million into various brain cancer studies, now, through this partnership with the Australian Brain Cancer Mission, the charity’s efforts are part of a powerful collective as the Federal Government and other funders collaborate to generate the greatest positive outcome.
Owen Finegan, The Kids’ Cancer Project CEO is delighted with the initiative which he said will improve quality of life for Australian children living with brain cancer.
“By being part of this Mission, we are assured the generous gifts of our donors will make a huge difference,” he said.

“A key objective of this collaboration is to ensure every patient has the opportunity to participate in clinical trials giving families more time.”

“This will be achieved through the Mission’s investment in ground-breaking research, international collaborations, expanding research platforms and fostering the talents of researchers – mirroring the same research priorities as The Kids’ Cancer Project,” said Mr Finegan.
Founder and Director of The Kids’ Cancer Project, Col Reynolds, acknowledged the significant efforts of the Australian Brain Cancer Mission in creating positive outcomes for children affected by brain cancer.
“Collaboration across Australia and the world is the only way we will see real progress in the improvement quality of life for kids affected by brain cancer,” he said. “This is what the Mission is achieving.”

“The Australian Government, through the Medical Research Future Fund, is forging the way forward so that we can end the suffering of children and their families,” said Mr Reynolds.

“I’m thrilled we are all working together to double survival rates and improve quality of life for Australian children affected by brain cancer.”
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