Baxter's story

Baxter's story He has a smile that lights up a room, but at six-weeks he was diagnosed with cancer. 

All who know Baxter would agree; he is one cute kid, with big blue eyes and an infectious smile that lights up the room.

“Baxter has a beautiful, cheeky personality. He loves watching footy with his dad and the cars that drive past our house. His favourite shows are Peppa Pig and Finding Nemo,” said mum, Emma.

But when he was six-weeks-old, first time parents, Emma and Peter received the devastating news that their baby boy had acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

For the next seven months they stayed in hospital while Baxter underwent intensive chemotherapy.

“It’s hard to describe what it was like being in hospital for that long. You lose track of time, you don’t know what it’s like outside,” said Emma.

While Baxter spent his first Christmas in hospital, he was given a Christmas Bear, a limited edition teddy donated by a generous supporter of The Kids’ Cancer Project.

“Seeing Baxter’s eyes light up and look so intently at his bear. It was just so lovely. It was a wonderful unexpected gift to receive,” said Emma.

Now, 15 month old Baxter is stable and finally back home, where he was able to celebrate his first birthday surrounded by his family and friends.

It’s a common tradition to ring a bell in hospital when a child has completed their cancer treatment, announcing to everyone their bravery and the odds they’ve beaten.

Baxter is yet to ring this bell, but we hope that joyous moment comes very soon.

Your support helps fund important research such as Dr Andy Moore’s project at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. Dr Moore and his team are helping children with AML, like Baxter, who may be at risk of relapse. Learn more

“My whole family now advocate strongly for childhood cancer research," said Emma. "We know that research has helped Baxter and that his case will help children diagnosed with AML in the future.

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Photo Credit: Courtney Holmes Photography


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